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Love CBD Overview

Love CBD is one of the fastest growing and highly regarded CBD brands in UK. This is a brand which started out as a small company run as a family business which has became a well recognised and established brand in the UK. In only 5 years Love CBD have grown to become a industry leader. They are one of the pioneers who brought CBD to the UK after being legalised as it was in USA. Love CBD started their hunt for organic CBD and original hemp and are now importing the best quality hemp from Europe. They do not to use industrial hemp waste but only the highest quality original hemp flowers from carefully sourced suppliers.

Love CBD Oil

Love CBD Oil is made from cannabis flowers and is sold as a food supplement. Please keep in mind Love CBD oil doesn't get you high as there is a very small amount of THC in them always less than 0.2% in line with UK & EU regulations.

Love CBD Oil also Produce a DUTCH CBD OIL range sourced from the Netherlands. The Love CBD dutch cbd oil is made from cannabis that is grown organically and is completely free of pesticides and fertilisers. This product is called dutch cbd oil because the cannabis oil from are extracted from cannabis grown in Holland.

Love CBD dutch CBD oil is made by mixing fine amounts of cannabis extract with olive oil. There is no third ingredient such as added flavor or artificial colouring's. Love CBD oil is now available in spray form rather than the discounted droppers which most brands are selling. The reason behind the Love CBD Oil spray is they are less messy and much easier to use. The CBD spray bottle also ensures accurate dosing.

Love CBD Balm

Love CBD balm is a CBD skin balm which can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it just like a regular balm but with the additional benefits of cbd extracts. We have it available on our store in three different sizes of 10g, 30g and 100g. All three sizes have different amount of CBD in proprtion to the size of the CBD Balm. Make sure to check the product description for exact amount of CBD.

Their is no recommended amount of usage on or limit on application of Love CBD Balm. You need not to worry about side effects since it has a sufficient amount of CBD just to enhance the benefits. This is a cosmetic item with additional CBD rich benefits.

Love CBD Capsules

Love CBD Capsules are food supplement with great CBD benefits. They are lab tested and contain hemp extracted CBD and coconut oil. There is a vegan version of it available which is gluten free and vegan friendly which are made of 100% plants extracts.

Love CBD Entourage Oil

Love CBD Entourage Oil  has its name because it gives Entourage effect. This effect uses a mix of different types of cannabinoids from different places and create a perfect formulation to for Love CBD oil. This gives more benefits Than CBD alone since it also contains the added benefits from other cannabinoids. Love CBD Entourage Oil is created using a totally unique formula to create one perfect combination of cannabinoids.

Basically, the formula is a special mix of different CBD extracts and mixed with olive oil to form the Love CBD Entourage CBD oil product.

Love CBD Entourage CBD oil is free from artificial flavors and additional preservatives and now available in a variety of strengths and also now in capsule form.

All Our Products contain less than 0.2% THC & are certified by independent laboratories.

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