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UK farmers at ‘disadvantage’ in CBD industry

The government’s being urged to scrap rules based on EU law that stop British farmers from harvesting Hemp for CBD oil. Video Transcript HELEN SMITH: The lush green of Britain’s farming fields, the romantic view of home grown produce, but this crop is contentious. Steve Baren’s fields are full of hemp, a type of cannabis […]

CBD patches – how do they work and what benefits do they bring

Given the global events that have taken place this year, most businesses across the majority of sectors are quietly licking their wounds and have adopted a survival mindset for their short to medium term strategies. There are, however, a handful of exceptions. One is anything connected with the virtual world and tech, while another is […]

History of CBD Oil Legality in the UK

CBD oil is a lifesaver for many who suffer from chronic conditions and will continue to be used in many forms around the globe.  Throughout the world, marijuana has continued to become more accepted, and governments have legalised it in many countries. In the UK, the legality of cannabis has been a highly debated topic […]

Two key changes could free up CBD production in UK

The UK could advance quickly in the CBD sector if key post-Brexit changes in regulation are enacted to allow the harvesting and processing of hemp flowers, and if THC limits for industrial hemp are aligned with global trends. First, letting farmers harvest the entire hemp plant would give them a decided advantage in supplying the […]

US States Begin to Implement Bans on Delta-8 THC Cannabinoid

A growing number of US states are taking action to implement bans on the psychoactive cannabinoid Delta-8 THC. The compound, which is similar in structure to the common cannabinoid Delta-9 THC, has been used increasingly in commercial cannabis products in recent months. The compound has already been banned in 12 states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, […]

Novel Foods CBD Products Validation from the Foods Standards Agency

UK Regulator decision cements EMMAC’s position as a leader in the medical cannabis and CBD wellness market across the UK and Europe Further to the announcement on 26 April 2021 that it received validation from the European Commission and European Food Safety Authority for its dossier on nature-identical CBD as a Novel Food, EMMAC Life […]

How fast the cannabis industry is growing with more and more states legalizing Cannabis

Are you interested in starting a business in the most potential cannabis industry? It’s Great- the cannabis business is booming and huge profits than any other sector. There is no confusion marijuana industry is fast-growing, and it doesn’t show any future signs. So legal cannabis market is the fastest-growing market. The legalization and the growth […]