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5 Benefits Of Combining Mushrooms With Cannabis

5 Benefits Of Combining Mushrooms With Cannabis

Combining mushrooms and cannabis is a new generation fad. Although many users try it for recreational purposes, this combination of drugs attracts researchers and healthcare companies who are exuberant about the resultant products.


At present, when health is a priority, natural products are what everyone is seeking. Perhaps, this is the reason people are turning towards cannabis and mushrooms that share similar properties. Cannabis is a herb that contains chemical compounds, including non-psychoactive CBD (cannabidiol) and the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which adds a medicinal value to the plant.


Likewise, the superfood mushrooms are laden with powerful nutrients and have a range of health benefits. There is also an informal group of mushrooms that contains Psilocybin, which produces a psychoactive effect yet has many health advantages. But while combining mushrooms with cannabis, a common question lingers. Is this combination beneficial? Let’s find out.

Both Are Potent Antioxidants

Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, and so is cannabis. They both can protect your skin from free radicals, prevent premature aging, and boost immunity. While the latter has proven abilities to prevent heart disease and cancer, the combination of both potent antioxidants may reduce oxidative stress and avert diseases.


Can Reduce Anxiety And Depression

Cannabis is a well-known drug that can reduce anxiety and depression. People use cannabis to cope up with anxiety-related disorders and as a natural alternative to antidepressants. Research shows Psilocybin also has a lasting effect in reducing anxiety. Patients dealing with depression and suicidal tendencies show considerable improvement with its single dose. Therefore, combining effective mushroom products like magic mushrooms Canada with cannabis can regulate the emotional factor and make people feel more joyful and connected to the world.

Both Can Lower Cholesterol

A recent study reveals the fruiting bodies of some edible mushrooms contain the compound Lovastatin that lowers cholesterol in the body. Similarly, daily cannabis users reported lower levels of bad cholesterol and, in a few cases, an increase in the right cholesterol level. So, a combination of both may be efficient in preventing high cholesterol in the blood and can prove beneficial for people suffering from heart problems and diabetes.

Possess Anti-inflammatory Properties

Mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides, fatty acids, vitamins, and many other anti-inflammatory components. Edible mushroom extracts show therapeutic benefit in inflammatory conditions. Mixing with Cannabis may form a new class of anti-inflammatory agents against many autoimmune and anti-inflammatory diseases.


May Protect Brain Health

Like cannabis, mushrooms can reduce stress and other psychological conditions that lead to a calm mind, positive perception, and overall mental health improvement. Also, loaded with micronutrients and antioxidants, a combination of both at lower doses may protect the brain and improve memory, self-control, and creativity.


Combining mushrooms and cannabis is a new approach, and more research is required to support any claim. The combination can produce as many health benefits as side-effects. The key to safe use is to know the right dose or else start low to tap the full benefits of both the magic compounds.