Affiliate marketing

What is it?

Affiliate marketing is and arrangement were you receive a commission for any sales generated by the traffic and/or sales generated from your referral.

Additionally, affiliate programs include cookies which track the user. This means that even if they leave the site after clicking the link, it doesn’t matter as they will still be tracked for a certain period, which in our case 30 days. This means that if they return to the same site from any other channel such as a google search within 30 days they still count as your referral, earning you commission!

Why join us?

CBD World Online Ltd offers one of the most convenient and easy CBD affiliate programs. We make it easier for you to talk about a wide range of CBD products, vapes and brands and earn commission on them all easily in one affiliate program. As being a re-seller we carry multiple brands and product types. Additionally, it develops an extra level of trust with each mention being associated to CBD-WORLD-ONLINE.COM and not just the product brand every time. This helps increase sales more and more every time you mention brands on our site, as they know they can trust us to deliver that brand which you are talking about and have sparked their interest in.

*Don’t forget* you earn commission if they buy anything from our entire shop in the following 30 days after they click the link, not just the products you mention in your content!

Who are you?

We are looking for talented people who can speak and touch various people into one common interest. This can be done from for example your social media accounts, blog or banner adverts on your website.

Some best practices when doing affiliate marketing:

  • Be transparent with you fans and followers: Be honest say that it is a link which you earn commission on. This is necessary in many regions, but also shows a level of respect for your fans which. for example you could include before the link or mention: ‘I know these guys are a reliable seller of this product and if you buy it from them, you support my channel as i get a small kickback from them. This helps me focus more on my blog/channel/work, and keep developing more content which you love!’
  • Promote Products which associated to the subject of the content: People who have viewed your content will be naturally more interested in products related to that content. If you have an article about cooking your granny’s secret chocolate cake recipe, people have clicked on it because they want to know her recipe, but not necessarily CBD, unless of course your granny’s secret ingredient was CBD oil! But if you make an article about making CBD edibles with CBD oil, you can be sure your followers who click on that article might want to buy some CBD after it, so they can make some CBD edibles.
  • Devote yourself to one program in a market space: Having for instance two camera shops which you do referral links for on your content can confuse your audience making them less likely to convert. Additionally, focusing on one brand helps imprint the brand on your followers, leading to each following mention often leading to more and more sales as you continue to work with a brand. As the repeated exposure to the brand/product will make them understand the product and brand better and trust them more, and more likely to convert if/when they desire the product.

How do I sign up:

Our program is managed on the WordPress platform , Join Now and start to Earn your commission Instantly.