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Best Cannabis Strains to try in 2021

This list of the best marijuana strains of all time can help you choose which strains can provide more production, flavor, effects, or other characteristics that made these classic strains of marijuana a top sellers of the time.

Some are valued for their ease of cultivation and results, others for their powerful effect or high resin production.

Based on our experience as growers and what our clients tell us, we have selected the best marijuana strains of all time.

Blue Cookie Strain

If you can’t wait and want a marijuana seed with ultra-fast flowering and sweet flavor, you have to try Blue Cookie Strain. Indica predominant, very fast flowering, sweet taste and concentrations that exceed 20% of THC, what more could you ask for? This one, along with its companion Girl Scout Cookies, will give an exquisite creamy taste to your recipes with Cannabis. It is also ideal for days of relaxation, an edible with Cream Cookies will leave you in a perfect state of relaxation. Some time ago we carried out an analysis on this delicious variety.

Northern Lights – Sensi Seeds

Dutch bank Sensi Seeds’ marijuana strain Northern Lights set the standard by which other Indicas are still judged today, and continues to be one of the most reliable plants and one of the most sought-after strains in modern cannabis culture.

Northern Lights dominated the harvest festivals, winning cup after cup, with more than one request for it to withdraw from the competition to allow other varieties to reach the title.

It is no longer necessary to identify the males to get rid of them, never before has it been so easy to grow the ultimate specimen of Indica cannabis.

Northern lights is normally grown indoors under lamps, although this strain can also do very well outdoors in a warm, sunny Mediterranean climate.

Purple Animal Cookies Strain

It is a cross between a hybrid of an unknown Sativa clone and Girl Scout Cookies resulting in an Indica dominant strain with an unmatched intense flavor.

The structure of this variety is typical Indica, with a stretched and compact shape at the same time. Since their stems grow uniformly, they always give bushy productions with brilliant flowers due to the amount of resin they contain. In addition, the plant will develop much more if we supply it with a large number of nutrients.

The cultivation of purple animal cookies strain is simple and of great resistance adapting without problem to any type of medium giving incredible results.

Giving the appropriate attention, providing the amount of nutrients it needs, and the appropriate light we will achieve incredible results.

We have to bear in mind that if we grow it outdoors we will have it ready to harvest in mid-September.

Do not forget that giving a couple of shots will keep you awake throughout the day but you must be cautious at night since the more you smoke the more its Indica effect is appreciated, making it the perfect strain to smoke with your colleagues and have a good time laughing.