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Amma Life

Amma Life is a UK-based CBD company that was founded in 2014. So, it’s one of the pioneers in the UK CBD industry. They strongly believe in the use of CBD for improving lifestyle and well-being since CBD has some impressive potential in this regard.

They’ve quite an impressive range of food supplements CBD products to sell. However, their products are only available in the UK and EU countries, not worldwide. They say all of their CBD products that are sold contain less than 0.2% THC which makes them legal. Moreover, the extract used in the products comes from licensed and industrial hemp.

According to their official website, they outsource hemp extract that is grown in Holland, Spain, Lithuania under the supervision of hemp specialist framers. The crop is produced from the non-GMO seed and is free of pesticides and herbicides. For manufacturing, they use state of the art extraction method i.e, CO2 to extract and make CBD oil and other whole plant products. They also send their products for independent third-party lab tests to ensure products contain the exact intended amount of CBD and other ingredients while in-house tested are conducted to make sure that there are no heavy metals and microbes.

They use whole plant extract to give the complete benefits of cannabidiol and terpenes. So, their products are full-spectrum and should create effective and stronger entourage effects than CBD isolate. So, if this is what exactly you want, you can opt for their CBD tea to enjoy in the morning, CBD oil drops that you can take throughout your day, or CBD massage cream to enjoy a relaxing and calming massage in the evening while getting CBD into your skin.

Amma Life CBD Products

Amma life has a good line of CBD products, among them some are a bit unique. They offer good quality, good potency, and good strength CBD products at decent prices.

Let’s see what they’ve!

Amma Life CBD Oil

They use the CO2 extraction method to make their CBD oils. Their CBD oils contain 0% THC, are vegan, and free of pesticides, waxes, excess fat, and contaminants. They also add some extra terpenes to increase the entourage effect, however, without THC. You can buy a CBD oil from Amma life containing 3%, 4%, 10%, and 25% CBD in volume of 10ml with 400mg, 1000mg, 1200mg, and 2500mg potencies. The price ranges from approximately £30 to £125.

Amma Life CBD E-liquid

No one can deny from the increasing popularity of vaping CBD, and Amma Life has its CBD E-liquid for this. They offer 250mg and 500mg of CBD vape liquid containing 75% CBD extracts, and terpenes. They don’t use any artificial flavors, instead, the flavors come from the active terpenes.

Amma Life CBD Paste

On contrary to CBD oils, CBD pastes are condensed since they are not mixed with oils. They simply are full hemp plant extract. Amma life’s CBD pastes are organic, vegans, and non-GMO. You can opt from 20% to 30% strength where the size ranges from 1g to 10g. You can take the paste on its own or mix into food, the way you like.

Amma Life CBD Spray

You can add CBD oil to food and beverages, but they don’t mix in the water. When taken alone, some may not like their taste. So, Amma life offers its water-soluble CBDX spray, full of terpenes from lavender, turmeric, citrus, and black pepper that make it taste pleasant. This 4% CBD spray comes in three sizes, 5ml, 10ml, and 20ml. You can mix it with your hot or cold drinks or take it alone. Amma life also has a CBD spray oil in this category that is 3% CBD oil.

Amma Life CBD Tea

If you want to enjoy not only the tea but the CBD tea, Amma life has it for you. They’ve two varieties of teas; CBD tea, and CBD & Mint tea, each containing 20 tea bags. They are made from the leaves. You can effortlessly dip the tea bag into the hot water for approximately 10 minutes and enjoy the benefits of the plant along with floral taste. You can also add lemon and/or honey for taste.

Amma Life CBD Topical

Amma life presents its CBD topical range for your skin including CBD muscle balm, CBD cream, and soothing CBD cream. They are an excellent way to let your skin absorb beneficial cannabinoids and become hydrated and nourished. The calming properties soothe your skin. You apply the cream to the affected area that helps your skin maintain a balanced moisturization keeping your skin hydrated and soft.


Amma Life is a good brand having good products in the UK. They care about their customers and strive for quality products that can help them in their wellbeing. You can buy a single product or opt for their bundles. The prices are also decent in regard to potencies and quality. People are loving their products, so far.

If you also have tried any Amma Life CBD product, we would love to hear your experience

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