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About CBD Asylum

Our's primary focus has consistently been and will continue to be, on you, the user of the products we so prodly supply our customers. CBD Asylum are continually asking: what might make your life that little bit more simple, and assist you with your day to day life?

This has driven CBD Asylum to develop CBD products with various application techniques (CBD oils, e-liquids, drops, and cbd isolate), various strengths, and various flavors. All to suit various requirements, tastes, and inclinations.

This brand's whole product offering is CBD-focused. In light of the fact that it is the thing that they hold significant expertise in.



CBD Asylum promises to deliver the most versatile and pure CBD products manufactured with no traces of THC ( Tetrahydro Cannabidiol) another compound of the hemp plant which is known to induce psychoactive effects, all our CBD products have no psychoactive effects whatsoever.

Two best friends, Alex and Liam, founded CBD Asylum, when they noticed the positive effects of CBD derived from the hemp plant, their passion for drag racing changed into producing CBD wellness products for benefiting people.

Their aim was to set no. 1 CBD business in the UK and they sure are going on the right track. CBD Asylum is a relatively new brand, but its products are totally based on extensive research. Alex and Liam, while founding their CBD company, they saw the potential of the hemp plant and the its cannabinoids, and created a wide range of wellness products, supplements, oils, balms, tablets, and skincare products.

CBD World Online is the No.1 platform of CBD products showcasing the best and original CBD brands, our first priority is the trust of our customers.

We make sure, we sell products that are manufactured with only the best natural ingredients and CBD Asylum is one such brand that we can confidently say, makes some of the best CBD products available on the market.

CBD known as Cannabidiol is a legal and natural product and has a positive influence on the human body as the human body already contains a certain amount of CBD, as it is naturally produced by your body in very small amounts. Cannabinoids present in the body are catalyzed and influence the immune system and brain activities positively.

Based on these characteristics, and through research, experiments, and a qualified team, CBD Asylum set its foot in business and widely gained the popularity and trust of its customers.

Their interesting range of supplements and skincare is Available on CBD World Online for global shipping.

The product range of CBD Asylum

CBD Asylum offers an impressive and wide range of products and a vast variety of flavours too. From CBD infused oils to gummies, tablets, oil tinctures, muscle rub,s, and skin care products, they have a
unique range.

CBD Asylum Oils

Comes in 20ml green colored glass bottles, with a convenient 10 ml pipette that makes it easy to use. CBD Asylum Hull offers a larger variety of flavors. CBD oral oil is available in seven different flavours including, Natural, peppermint, Mixed Berry, Lemonade, Cola, Agça Cherry, and Orange.

All of these tastes are amazing. A few drops of any CBD oil are to be held under the tongue for 30 seconds to a minute. CBD oils come in different strengths ranging from 500 mg to 3500 mg. Then they have Absolute CBD Oil, which is the most advanced CBD oil available in the market today, specially engineered with a dash of peppermint to add freshness, traces of Terpenes, pomegranate seed oil, and MCT Oil. A perfect blend of
taste and effectiveness. It comes in 3 strengths, 1000 mg, 2000 mg, and 5000 mg. CBD infused Oil also comes in five different flavors e.g. Fruity, Mango, Cola, Peppermint, and Natural.

CBD Asylum Sweets & Gummies

CBD Asylum has the most interesting and impressive range of gummies and even sweets with countless flavours and shapes. All gummies are packed with flavours and CBD. Each pack comes with 600 mg strength of CBD and the gummies are just so juicy, sugarcoated, chewy, and delicious making them safe to use for all the family each of these jellies contains 30mg CBD.

Flavours they offer in gummies are, CBD Cola Gummies, CBD strawb gummies, and CBD Cherry Gummies. And in sweets they have infinite flavors and shapes, Including CBD mix up, Rhubarb & Custard, Cola Chunks, Pear drops, CBD sherbet Lemon and more.

CBD Asylum Hull has total of 17 flavours in sweets and some of them are sugar free, which is another plus point. Each pack of sweets has 20 sweets and every sweet has 25 mg CBD. They have produced the first proper sugar-free & sugar coated sweets.

Water Soluble CBD – Beverage Enhancers

CBD asylum introduces the best and the most convenient way of CBD consumption.a CBD shot – Beverage Enhancer is full of CBD and yet an effortless and tasteless way of CBD consumption. Just squirt into your beverages, coffee, Tea, Juices, or even water, and drink away.

The water soluble oil will not make any difference to the taste, it mixes up right away and gives a complete dose of CBD. It also comes in handy well designed bottle, just one squirt gives 20/40 mg CBD.

They are 100% non psychoactive and third party lab tested.

Why Choose CBD Asylum?

A variety of CBD products are made by CBD Asylum with the goal of bringing CBD out from behind the counter and into regular life. They made sure that CBD didn’t need to be tasteless or foul tasting, with this aim in mind they introduced seven different flavors in CBD Oils.

They use an ISO level 7 cleanroom to create everything they produce. Then it is examined by renowned UK third-party laboratory, Phytovista.

CBD Asylum use isolate CBD from US, this technique of using isolated CBD ensures very low levels of THC. Terpenes, another useful compound derived from the hemp plant, are added to give the products a wider range of advantages.

They also offer a wider range of products than any other brand. CBD World Online offers only reliable and premium quality products, prioritising the customers. And CBD Asylum is one of our most trusted brands.


Q. What are the best sellers from CBD Asylum?

A. Some of the best seller products of CBD Asylum are Absolute CBD Oil, CBD Max tablets, CBD Muscles Rub, CBD cherry Gummies, mixed berry CBD oil and fruity infused CBD Oil.

Q. Is a prescription necessary to take CBD?

A. No, it is 100% legal in UK and CBD can be taken in any form without prescription. We recommend you always consult your GP, Just to make sure it doesn’t react combined with any prescription medication you may currently use take.

Q. What products of CBD asylum are available on CBD WORLD?

A. We have the complete range of CBD Asylum on our website