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HERBMED, Sweden's No.1 CBD Brand

Now available In the UK with worldwide shipping.

Herbmed proudly presents High Grade CBD oil based on a hemp extract with a better Cannabinoid profile than ever! A completely new technology has allowed Herbmed CBD to produce a genuine broad-spectrum oil guaranteed free from impurities, where in the last step of the extraction process they let the extract pass a chromatographic filter where the THC was filtered off without affecting other cannabinoids. The final plant extract has then been mixed with a cold-pressed organic olive oil rich in phenols with an optimal ratio of different fatty acids.

Like ourselves, HERBMED is a full CTA member company ensuring all their products remain compliant with current UK legislation.

HERBMED manufactures a great range of CBD Oil available in 10ml dropper bottles with strengths ranging from 500mg - 2000mg.

All our products are 3rd part lab tested & certified to contain less than 0.2% THC.