Can Cbd Help Alleviate Symptoms Of Anxiety?

Can CBD help alleviate symptoms of anxiety?

Can CBD help alleviate symptoms of anxiety?


Can CBD help alleviate symptoms of anxiety?
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What is anxiety?

In “everyday” situations, the feeling of anxiety is a natural consequence in response to stressful external stimuli and negative circumstances. However, in extreme chaos these sensations become uncontrollable, producing episodes of paranoia in some subjects.

Especially in Western cultures, the most accepted way to endure anxiety is also the most dangerous and addictive for example, drugs commonly known as anxiolytics. A scandalously high percentage of patients treated with drugs such as Prozac, Valium or Xanax end up falling into addiction due to the feeling of relief in the symptoms of anxiety. This serious problem is being accepted in our society as a logical consequence to treatment to avoid these distressing moods, setting a tremendously dangerous precedent and generating subsequent treatments to disengage patients from the remedy that is ultimately worse than the disease itself.

Why is CBD an excellent anti-anxiety remedy?

Based on the anxiolytic, calming and analgesic properties widely demonstrated by different studies, CBD is consolidated as an excellent substance to treat anxiety episodes of varying nature and severity.

While Dr-Weedy does not claim CBD to be the only solution to anxiety, as lying is not in our manual, but we honestly believe that it is our duty to inform you that when it comes to falling asleep and in those moments that you need to calm down, CBD will help you face everything with that positive touch that we need so much in these bitter days.

A point to highlight in favor of CBD compared to its pharmacological competitors currently available to treat anxiety is the speed of absorption by our body and the absence of side effects, due to its natural origin. To all this, we can add that the occasional use of CBD does not generate any tolerance or dependence in the user, regardless of their age or weight.

The operation of CBD consists of reducing anxiety by enhancing signaling through serotonin receptors, generating a stream of positive thought that adds to a relaxing anxiolytic effect.

Through the study carried out by researchers, the effects of CBD have been tested in people with anxiety symptoms. These proved that cerebral blood flow patterns demonstrated an anti-anxiety effect unknown in any natural substance tested to date.

CBD and the involuntary isolation we suffer

It is practically impossible for you not to feel anxiety being quarantined, isolated from the world and having contact with other people only through digital platforms. At times the feeling of unreality added to the uncertainty constantly brings to your mind questions such as how long will we be like this? Should I change my lifestyle? How will all this affect me at the work level if the quarantine is too long? ,

However, CBD proves to be an excellent option for making this ordeal more bearable; it should be noted that it is especially useful for people who live alone. Although technology indeed offers us communication channels to alleviate this loneliness, we also have to be honest and recognize the fact that most people in our country like to socialize and we need a much more direct contact than the one offered by a telematic environment.

CBD will be a good friend every minute of every hour of every day; our recommendation is that at least you give it a chance, any tool that serves to combat this strange situation for which we were not prepared in advance, can save us a lot of valuable time.