Canevolve CBD Terpene Infused 99.7% Isolate 1000mg CBD
Canevolve CBD Terpene Infused 99.7% Isolate 1000mg CBD
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Canevolve CBD Terpene Infused 99.7% Isolate 1000mg CBD

£ 7.99 or £ 7.99 £ 7.19 / month


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– 1000mg CBD

– 99.7% Pure CBD Isolate

– Natural Terpenes

Banana Kush:
This sweet, tropical Indica-dominant blend gives a relaxed, uplifted, creative focus. Banana Kush crosses Skunk Haze and Ghost OG. The fresh banana taste will help increase happiness, better sleep, creativity, talkativeness, and calm attention.
Sweet, fruity, pungent, tropical
Relaxed, care-free, uplifted, energetic

Cherry Pie:
A hybrid of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple, this earthy berry blend is sweet and sour. Within minutes, it gives feelings of happiness, creativity, and uplifted relaxation.
Sweet, dank, earthy, sour
Happy, relaxation, uplifting

Blue Dream:
crosses Blueberry Indica with Haze (Sativa) to create a Sativa-dominant hybrid. Popular for daytime use, Blue Dream delivers a calming, creative euphoria but without a sedative effect.
Sweet, berry, earth
Euphoric, cerebral, energizing, the most popular strain for elevating one’s mood

Tahoe OG:
Tahoe OG is a popular Indica. People report intense feelings of relaxation and sleepiness in addition to a happy euphoria.
Earth, pine, citrus
Calm, sleepy, light-hearted, exhilarated, full-body couch lock.

ACDC is Earthy, woody, and pine flavoured. People report feeling relaxed, happy, uplifted, focused, and euphoric.
Earth, wood, pine, lemongrass, cherry
Euphoric, focused, sociable

Trainwreck is an extremely potent sativa. The effects of Trainwreck are fast-acting and euphoric. The flavour is earthy, pine, and pungent and gives feelings of happiness, relaxation, and creativity.
Earth, floral, pine
Happy, relaxed, inspired, rush of adrenaline coupled with a soothing sensation

Durban Poison:
Durban Poison is a pure sativa known for its energy-giving, uplifting, creative effects. It has a sweet smell and a sweet, earthy, pine flavour.
Sweet, sour, earth, pine, citrus
Productive, creative, energy, focusing strain – stay productive through a busy day

OG Kush:
OG Kush, a hybrid strain with a distinctive earthy, pine, woody aroma, is well-known for relaxing, euphoric effects. This strain has spawned several varieties – Tahoe OG, SFV OG, and Alpha OG, to name a few.
Earth, pine, wood
Attention, motivation, drive, and improves focus

Ingredients: Pure 99.7% CBD Isolate & Natural Terpenes.

This product contains NO THC. 0.0%

THC content<0.2%




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Canevolve CBD

Canevolve’s broad spectrum E-liquids are guaranteed to contain a range of ingredients that are naturally found within the hemp plant with CBD being the predominant component.
Full Spectrum – THC Free

There are many places where “Full Spectrum” can mean many different things.  Canevolve promise that their full-spectrum products will contain a variety of different cannabinoids where the predominant cannabinoid is Cannabidiol