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How to Fully Utilize Cannabis Packaging To Enhance Your Business

Cannabis packaging is an emerging sector. The manufacturers and the designers keep on experimenting with attractive ideas to enhance their business.

The cannabis industry is booming at a fast pace. If we just consider its medical use segment, it is expected to generate more than $22 billion in the coming four years. At present, 36 out of 50 states are allowing patients to use medical cannabis based on a proper prescription. Owing to its increasing demand, cannabis packaging is really hard to ignore. Most popular companies in the cannabis industry have generated a multi-billion dollar business by establishing a strong brand identity. In this immense competition, it has become essential to standing out in your offerings. The most effective way to do this is through building a strong packaging design which puts a permanent impression on the customers’ mind. Here we are going to explain some ways to fully utilize your cannabis packaging to enhance your business:

Design your Cannabis Packaging Attractively:

Compelling and attractive packaging plays a significant role in customer selecting your cannabis product over others. There are hundreds of evidence supporting the power of an impressive packaging design. Attractive packaging triggers intense activity in the areas of the brain associated with impulsivity than an unattractive one. It also triggers the reward responses associated with positive emotion. Cannabis boxes designed attractively are the best way to assure the customers that a high-quality product is present inside. It also helps in building their trust towards your brand. You can design your packaging attractively in several ways. Make the best use of colors. Use fonts that complement the background and can be read even from some distance. Use fascinating but related images to design your cannabis boxes more enticingly. Many manufacturers tend to keep the packaging design simple by using the brand’s logo and minimalistic artwork. This makes their product create a broader appeal. As cannabis is usually used for medical purposes therefore the customers always look for medical-related symbols in its packaging. This makes them deliver superior value and fulfill health benefits. The labels should be clean and easy to read with ample white space. This ensures that customers can easily comprehend the necessary information.

Make it Informative for the Customers:

The best cannabis packaging is one that successfully maintains a balance between design and information. You can deliver the necessary information by using custom printed labels, prefer to be used in a design that makes your packaging look more appealing. Especially if you have started a new business, establishing your brand identity is highly important. Medical cannabis packaging carries a heavy information burden. Its guidelines vary from state to state, thus making it necessary to abide by the legal regulations. Some of the items in the content checklist include:

  • The ingredients
  • Weight of the package
  • Potency and dosage
  • Manufacturing and expiry dates
  • Batch number
  • Handling instructions
  • Company’s details like brand name, logo, web address, customer support email, contact number, and visual branding elements

Above all, your cannabis boxes should also be under state laws. Focusing on all these aspects can help you with branding your company and its packaging.

Focus on Protection:

When choosing cannabis packaging materials, it is necessary to consider both the appearance and function. Even the best marketing and an extraordinary package do not hold much value if the product inside is not protected properly. Keep in mind the following protection guidelines to design your custom cannabis box:

  • Seal Properly: Your packaging for cannabis products should not be single-use; rather it should be reusable and resalable. For example, using the containers with lids, zip lock pouches, boxes with adhesive closure and interlocking closure all are good options to consider.
  • Child safety: Packaging should difficult for a child to open. For this purpose you may use pop-top bottles that require some dexterity to open). Packages should be designed according to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act.
  • Tamper evident: Medical cannabis packaging should be designed in a way to be evident that the package has been tampered with.
  • Sturdy material: best quality, durable material should be used to design your cannabis boxes. This is to ensure maximum protection to the product inside. Different products have different packaging requirements depending upon the level of protection they need.
  • Edibles and beverages: The laws related to medical cannabis and its consumable products are not the same. For edibles and infused beverages, the packaging should be opaque.

Consider Latest Design Trends:

Packaging design trends are a surprising thing. Some of them vanish after a short interval while others stand the test of time. However, you should be aware of them while designing your cannabis packaging. Most importantly these trends do not only make you acquire a superior position in the market but also help in actively supporting your brand. Not all, but you should implement a couple of them to enhance your business. Here are some of the trends going to stick for a long in the cannabis industry.

  • Leafy Imagery: Although this symbol is becoming excessively common, it is an effective way to make your cannabis products identifiable at a sight. Most of the popular companies design their business logos by incorporating a leafy image to create an iconic effect. This cannabis leaf is so recognizable that you can even get creative with or change color without losing its effectiveness.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: the consumers of today are becoming highly environmentally-concerned than ever. Your cannabis packaging should not only be sustainable rather it should also look sustainable. Use muted shades of natural color to help in communicating how natural your products are.
  • Health focus: Medical cannabis patients have several health issues to address. So they want to ensure that your product can provide a trusted solution. Therefore, it is essential to emphasize the medicinal properties of cannabis by modeling your packaging. First of all, make use of a clear packaging design with ample white space. Use medical related symbols or consider other medical brands to get inspiration for making your packaging unique.
  • Minimalist approach: Less is more fits perfectly especially in the case of cannabis packaging. Minimalistic design is a continuous trend that shows no sign of diminishing. Therefore if you want to enhance your business by making your products more appealing for the customers just follow a minimalistic approach with a contemporary effect.
  • Stereotype play: The cannabis industry has a historic culture that can create opportunities to develop a clever marketing design. This trend is used more heavily for designing recreational cannabis packaging. Play with words or use cannabis-related graphics in a playful way for making your brand stand out.