CBD Body Care

Hemp usually refers to the plant Cannabis sativa, the seeds of which produce an oil. That has been used as an edible and cosmetic product for approximately 3,000 years. The tradition continues well into the modern age, as many off-the-shelf lotions rely on hemp seed oil as a key ingredient. Like other skin-care lotions, hemp lotion aims to condition, moisturize and protect the skin. Also while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. CBD Skin Care. A closer look at the proprieties of this oil provides plenty of insight as to what exactly makes hemp lotion beneficial to the skin.

CBD Skin Care

Hemp seeds feature a high levels of many skin-friendly vitamins, including the antioxidant vitamin E. Which also encourages healthy skin-tissue growth, and vitamin C. An essential building block of collagen, vitamin C lends your skin elasticity and an even tone. It is also considered to be a skin brightener. Hemp seed oil’s vitamin-B content which includes vitamin B6. Also among others encourages firmer skin by providing beneficial fatty acids.

Thinking Outside the Skin
While hemp lotion helps you maintain smooth and youthful skin, it also gives the environment a helping hand. Unlike the petroleum- and mineral-based oils contained in many lotions and moisturizers, hemp serves as a completely renewable and sustainable resource.
Furthermore, this plant — not to be confused with marijuana — lends itself to more than 25,000 products, from biofuel to clothing and paper. Highly resistant hemp also reduces the need for pesticide usage, and, when pulped or processed, hemp requires no chlorine bleach and fewer chemicals than both wood and cotton do .

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  • Hemp Balm

    ADVANCE BIOTECH Alchemic Hemp Balm 800mg CBD

    Alchemic Hemp Balm Alchemic Hemp Balm is the highest quality. Cannabinoids are a group of fat soluble molecules that are produced naturally in all humans and almost all animals, except insects. Also CBDs are found in a variety of plants, … Read More
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  • Love CBD Balm

    Love CBD CBD Balm 100/300mg


    The Love CBD Balm is our multi-purpose, CBD-rich skin balm. It contains the extract of hand-harvested cannabis flowers, taken from cannabis which was grown in the sunny climes of Slovenia and Croatia. We like to think of Love CBD Balm as a little pot of gold. With a near endless list of uses, you’ll find that a little Love CBD Balm goes a long way.

    • Organic Hemp Oil
    • 10/30g Tub
    • 100/300mg CBD
    • Full Spectrum Oil
    • Laboratory Tested/CBD Content Verified
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    Provacan CBD Balm with Beeswax 30ml

    This PROVACAN CBD Balm is designed for fast all natural relief. It’s infused with the highest quality hemp extracts. Provacan CBD Balm also promotes a healthy skin glow.

    • Organic Hemp Oil
    • 30ml Tub
    • 300mg CBD
    • Award-Winning Full-Spectrum CBD Formula
    • Laboratory-Tested / CBD Content Verified
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  • CannaTherapy Balm

    CannaTherapy Body Balm

    CannaTherapy balm – light, yet strong enough to relieve, relax and tonify your body. Use as a relaxing massage balm for aching joints, stiff muscles, tired and heavy legs, stretched tendons, bruises and your body.

    Size: 300ml

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  • Cannawell CBD Cream

    Cannawell CBD Cream

    CBD Cream containing hemp extract that is absorbed instantly, softening and soothing the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Ideal for mature and problematic skin.

    SIZE 50ml

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  • CBD beard oil

    CBD Beard Oil 1% 20ml – 200mg CBD

    CBD Beard Oil 1% 20ml – 200mg CBD Advance Biotech CBD beard oil is handcrafted from 100% natural ingredients, ensuring your beard receives the care it deserves. Infused with our alchemic hemp extract to promote growth and nourish the skin … Read More
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  • CBD Body Balm

    Nectar Calming CBD Body Balm

    Calming CBD Body Balm with Rose, Lavender and Camomile by Nectar CBD® – 50ml CBD Body Balm   CBD body balm is silky smooth and is ideal to use in the evening. On particularly dry and damaged skin or rub into … Read More
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  • ADVANCE BIOTECH Alchemic Hemp Balm 800mg CBD 1

    Hemp Garden CBD Hemp Balm 300mg

    This CBD HEMP Balm is perfect for those extra problem areas, gliding silkily over the skin. Also containing natural beeswax, it acts as a barrier against elements; particularly great protection for hands and face. Because we have added no essential oils with this blend to ensure it can be used on even the most sensitive skin.

    • Organic Hemp Oil
    • 50g Tub
    • 300mg CBD
    • Full Spectrum Oil
    • Laboratory Tested/CBD Content Verified
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  • cbdmassage oil

    Provacan CBD Massage Oil 40mg


    This world-class formula of CBD-infused deep tissue massage oil is known to offer an unparalleled experience combining balance, relief, and complete relaxation.

    • Hemp Seed Oil
    • 30ml Bottle
    • 100mg CBD
    • Award-Winning Full-Spectrum CBD Formula
    • Lab Tested/CBD Content Guarantee
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  • love hemp cbd body salve

    Love Hemp® CBD Body Salve 300mg

    This Love Hemp CBD salve is only made with organic ingredients. Hand blended and luxurious this deep conditioning Love Hemp CBD salve harnesses the spirit-lifting properties of the miraculous hemp plant.

    • Organic Hemp Oil
    • 50ml Tub
    • 300mg CBD
    • Full Spectrum Oil
    • Laboratory Tested/CBD Content Verified
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  • ADVANCE BIOTECH Alchemic Hemp Balm 800mg CBD 2

    Provacan CBD After Sun Cream | Advanced Cellular Support

    • 50mg CBD content for advanced after-sun support
    • Deeply hydrates and nourishes sun-damaged skin
    • Phytocannabinoid + phytochemical support from EU-certified hemp
    • Backed by CiiTECH cannabis researchers
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  • ADVANCE BIOTECH Alchemic Hemp Balm 800mg CBD 3

    Provacan CBD SPF 30 Sun Cream | Advanced UV Protection

    • SPF 30 actively protects against damaging UV rays
    • 50mg CBD content for cellular support and advanced sun protection
    • Active phytocannabinoid + phytochemical support
    • Laboratory-tested for purity and cannabidiol content
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