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Zoetic International PLC looks forward to UK launch of Chill-branded CBD smokes

  “This is a busy and exciting time for us as our products enter new regions and we capitalise on the growing health and CBD trends in our key markets” it is “particularly enthusiastic” about the launch of Chill-brand CBD smokes in the UK amid a “busy and exciting time” for the company. The product, […]

Food law experts concerned about CBD novel foods process as FSA reveals first products list

The FSA has published its promised list of CBD products that can remain on sale until it decides whether to authorise the products. The list contains 22 products from just three companies: Chanelle McCoy Health (Pureis), CANNABIS Pharma s.r.o, and Health Innovations (UK) ltd. Companies in England and Wales had to submit their novel foods dossiers […]

The global opportunity for CBD – Glossy

As American CBD companies expand internationally, they have a world of both opportunity and regulations to navigate.  In late March, China’s National Institute for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC) published proposed legislation to ban CBD as well as cannabis sativa kernel fruit, cannabis sativa seed oil and cannabis sativa leaf as ingredients in beauty products. […]

Learn the facts about CBD oil

  If you’re looking to get ahold of the best CBD products on the market, then you can check out this handy guide from US-based CBD expert David Baker. He has done the homework for you and produced this useful information to help you decide on which products may best suit you. Please note that […]

CBD crackdown: these Home Office plans will destroy UK hemp farming

The Tories are taking an already-illogical crackdown to the next level. Hannah Silver works for the Hempen cooperative. The UK’s CBD market is one of the largest in Europe, with over 1.3m people buying into this £300m industry. It’s a bigger market than the Vitamin D and C markets combined, for a product – cannabidiol […]

7 CBD trends to look out for in 2021

Suffering with a severe fever while in Kenya as a teenager, Paul Shrive was given a cannabis-based brew by a local. He not only recovered from the illness, but experienced mental clarity for the first time in his life, he tells Cannabis Health. Paul Shrive, founder of Leafline CBD, had a challenging childhood. He would […]

8 Benefits Of Hemp Oil

The importance of hemp oil for curing diseases naturally is immense. But, I do not find any proper place, where I can learn about the full benefits of hemp oil. That’s why I come up with this content. Hemp oils are used in our daily lives, including health care. The best benefits of hemp oil […]

Is CBD legal in the UK? A 2021 update. – KLORIS

Despite growing evidence to support the astounding ways in which the cannabis plant (and the CBD derived from it) interacts with and supports the human body, full legalisation of this particular wonder of nature is not even vaguely on the horizon in the UK. Yet. There have been movements in recent years which have seen […]