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Concentrates are just that concentrated CBD for dabbing or vaping and are ideal for those who are searching for a high concentration of CBD in one hit.

Order 100% authentic CBD Shatter, Wax, Crumble from us for guaranteed high quality products sourced from the World’s Top Brands.

All our CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC and are Lab Certified!

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Showing 1–18 of 56 results

Dabbing CBD

In the united kingdom dabbing, CBD is now a remarkably popular method of consuming CBD. This technique enables you to inhale large quantities of CBD via the lungs without inhaling harmful smoke and tar.

The CBD reaches the bloodstream almost instantly, suiting people that are looking for immediate benefits.

The difference between CBD shatter and CBD Crumble

CBD shatter is created from 99.5% pure CBD Isolate with no additional cannabinoids.

CBD crumble consists of 86% CBD distillate (86% CBD + other cannabinoids such as CBDV, CBDA, CBC, and THC) and natural terpenes.

All of our CBD concentrates have been lab-tested and certified to reveal the cannabinoid content of the raw ingredient utilized. CBD World Online Ltd is a Full Cannabis Trade Association accredited company meaning that all of our products are verified by the Cannabis Trades Association. As a certified company, we are eligible to exhibit the Cannabis Trades Association Member badge as a sign of quality, ethics, and reliability.

CBD Shatter UK

CBD Shatter is incredibly similar to CBD wax, in fact, it’s nearly the same thing, except shatter is a more pure form of wax you can get. It’s called shatter because as the name hint; it’s in the form of isolated crystals with terpenes added. This is the purest of CBD you can get, besides CBD isolate, but with just some extras added to give it flavor.

CBD Wax Crumble UK


Dabbing is another way to take in your CBD, people often refer to this as a CBD Dab. This is when you take a small piece of CBD extract (concentrate) and vaporize it by putting it on a hot surface, or called a “nail,” and inhale the vapor it produces through a water pipe called either a dab rig or an oil rig. The rigs help to cool and filter the vapor. This will not get you high unless you pair it with a THC extract.


CBD Wax is an extract you can use in your dab/oil rig, the contraption that was explained earlier. CBD can’t and won’t make you high, and is completely legal; you’ll never have to worry about any random drug tests you may encounter in your journey. CBD Wax UK is one of the fastest ways to intake CBD and feel the effects immediately.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Concentrates?

There are many ways to intake your CBD, and it’s all about your preferred way. From dabbing wax to ingesting hemp oil to sprinkling some goodness into your run of the mill blunt; you can begin to reap the benefits of CBD. CBD concentrates are one of, if not the fastest way to take CBD into your system. And if you’ve come this far but still don’t really know what CBD does for you; let me enlighten you. Cannabidiol, or CBD, acts as a form of pain relief, decreases inflammation, aids anxiety and depression, and much more. Certain things need a quick fix, and that’s what CBD concentrates are here for.

How to Use and Consume CBD Concentrates?

From the CBD Concentrates I have previously talked about; CBD Isolate, Dabs, Wax, and Shatter, there are mainly two ways to consume them. CBD Isolate is a powder form, making for easy and convenient use. It can put into anything of your choosing, from joints, blunts, bongs, and bowls. However, CBD dabs, wax, & shatter are to be used in a dab/oil rig. It’s still incredibly easy to use, so don’t worry. Dab/oil rigs are pretty simple and are made of 2 parts; the “nail,” which is the hot surface that vaporizes the extract you choose, and the water pipe that allows you to inhale the vapor with ease. None of these concentrates will get you high, but will definitely help you get high in life.

CBD Wax: Benefits And Effects Of Dabbing Wax

The all-new revolutionary way to take in your desired dose of CBD. Everyone has their own personal preference on how they can intake something, and dabbing might just be yours. Dabbing wax is a  fast and efficient way to feel the effects of CBD.

What is CBD Wax?

So what exactly is CBD Wax? I’m sure you’ve heard of wax, like the stuff your favorite candle is made of. However, the wax we’re talking about today is very different. With this particular CBD extract, the extract has taken form into an oil that is a more opaque and crystallized form of your average hemp oil.

However, there are different types of CBD Wax, because of the purity and things that might be added; i.e. shatter, live resin, and crumble. We’ll get into that later.

How Is CBD Wax Made?

In order to get the purest form of CBD possible, the CO2 extraction method is used. CO2 is known as a “tunable solvent” making it extremely versatile for creating a multitude of end products by controlling temperature and pressure. These phase changes create an environment to drop out differing weights of components in the plant material.

What are the Types of Wax?

Usually, when products are listed, it’s never usually called CBD Wax. Instead, it’s described as it’s subcategories; shatter, live resin, crumble, and budder. These are essentially the wax in its various forms. Or more specifically, their forms of CBD butane hash oil, which is the umbrella term for explaining any type of CBD oil.

CBD Shatter

CBD Shatter, although under the Wax category, isn’t quite a wax. During the extraction process, it doesn’t fully crystallize, giving it a cloudy appearance, though resembling a more glass-like structure. Terpenes are added to this for flavor.

CBD Live Resin

CBD Live Resin is made by using cryogenically frozen buds, as opposed to dried trims or cured buds. Being frozen ensures greater preservation of cannabinoids and terpenes. This also means it’s more expensive due to a more extensive process.

CBD Crumble

The extraction process for CBD Crumble is still the same, however, The difference is that makers use a pre-purged CBD oil that has more moisture and is higher in viscosity. It results in a softer substance that easily crumbles, hence the name. It’s a little bit more expensive due to how refined the substance is.

CBD Budder

This particular wax is produced at higher temperatures and air pressure. This makes it fluffier and waxier but doesn’t affect the potency of the product. Named Budder for its similar resemblance to cooking butter.

What Are the Benefits Of Dabbing CBD Wax?

CBD waxes are sought after due to the higher CBD concentrates, meaning more benefits. If you are unaware of the benefits of CBD, let me enlighten you. CBD has been compared to mother nature’s medicine, as it has a wide variety of benefits; from anti-inflammation, pain relief, to decrease anxiety & depression, and more.