CBD Sweets

Buy the best quality CBD Sweets now,  guaranteed authenticity when you buy Cannabis Candy, CBD sweets from us.

All our CBD Sweets are lab tested and certified to contain less than 0.2% THC.

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CBD Sweets

Delicious CBD Sweets are a really tasty way to get your daily CBD intake, candy infused with cannabidiol is a great combination. Easy to use and a perfect way to measure your dose. Each brand’s CBD Sweets are infused with a specific amount of CBD meaning each sweet in the jar has the exact same CBD content.

CBD Candy / Cannabis Sweets

Since we are the UK’s largest online CBD store, we also have more than 70 alternative CBD treats such as CBD Chewing Gum,  CBD GummiesCBD Chocolate, and CBD Honey available with worldwide shipping.
Our Cannabis Candy & CBD Sweets are now available in the UK and are a great CBD Snack you can eat anywhere. Cannabis-infused candy has been around for quite a while in the USA, now they are here in the UK available for worldwide delivery.