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Cbd’s History

CBD’s History


CBD might still sound relatively new but it is not. In fact, this cannabis derivative is really famous among health and wellness communities. Short for cannabidiol, this compound is natural and it is very different from other cannabis compounds. We will add more information about CBD below, but first, we will go on a journey of its history. Here we are going to recall some rumors from the past, the use of CBD from ancient times. After that, we will list all the recorded facts of medical cannabis history. And not just that, but let’s keep it simple for now.

The use of cannabis from ancient societies

Just like us, ancient societies were constantly searching for natural remedies to improve health. Among those natural remedies, there is medical cannabis and its varieties. Just like that, these cannabis strains like marijuana for instance were used for different reasons. There is no official proof or evidence for that, but the rumors are believable. For instance, there is this Chinese emperor called Sheng who used cannabis-containing tea. The reason behind this routine was the ability of cannabis to help improve overall health and as a result, improve life. That tea helped this emperor with a variety of health issues which made it hard for him.

But, back then the use of cannabis for medicinal reasons was only a tryout option. There was no scientific evidence of its benefits and therapeutic properties. Later, things changed for the better, but it had to come the year 1940 to begin a more scientific approach. In that year, a group of people from Illinois University successfully managed to isolate CBD for the first time. That was not their biggest achievement. This team brought to life the fact that there are some compounds inside the cannabis plant different from THC. That means there are compounds inside the cannabis plant that do not cause addiction. In other words, CBD is one of those ingredients of cannabis that does not contain psychoactive qualities.

This was the beginning of a great era for cannabis and CBD in particular. The scientific studies continued to find other qualities of CBD, and the results were always very promising. CBD has numerous therapeutic properties that can help our body and mind. Besides being helpful for humans, this compound can help animals in pretty much the same way.

What happened in the 70s regarding cannabis?

During these years, the 1970s, there was a massive war on drugs. Most of the cannabis strains if not all were “controlled substances”. Before that, obtaining cannabis on the streets was a piece of cake, after that it was difficult even for scientists or doctors to obtain it. The United States established the so-called Controlled Substance Act that changed the game. This draft classified all sorts of cannabis derivatives according to potential benefits, potential risk, and negative side effects.

At that time, such an initiative was a must because the cannabis market got out of the hands of legality and controlled usage. We all know about the potential of marijuana to cause addiction and “get you high”. Marijuana has that effect on users because it contains too much THC. In the majority of the countries around the world, the allowed percentage of THC for a legal product is 0.3% THC or less. More than that it is illegal by federal law and not safe to use. There is one plant that can fulfill this simple condition, hemp, or as many call it industrial hemp. Hemp has the ability to produce less than 0.3% THC and more than 20% CBD, making it the perfect solution to obtain CBD legally.

The history of Cannabidiol

Let’s get back one more time to the history of CBD. Just to have a clearer idea we recommend you take a look at this simple list below. Here we are listing in bullets the history of CBD use from ancient societies to our era.

  • 2727 BC – the emperor of China we mentioned above, who used cannabis-based tea to maintain a better health state.
  • In the 1800s – the first publication of a medical paper regarding the modern use of cannabis.
  • 1991 – the beginning of a more scientific era, where states begin requiring prescriptions and ban dangerous cannabis strains.
  • 1937 – the marijuana prohibition federal laws by the United States.
  • 1940 – the isolation of CBD that we mentioned above which came to the conclusion of the lack of psychoactive effects of CBD.
  • In the 1980s – CBD started to gain popularity for numerous therapeutic properties.
  • In the 1990s – CBD became very famous for its pain-relieving quality. It was 1996 when California legalized medical cannabis for medical usage.
  • 2012 – Washington and Colorado legalized recreational cannabis usage.
  • Today – We all know how big CBD and its market are today.

In fact, today CBD has a wide range of usage in many industries, not just the health industry. The wellness industry is investing a lot to include this beneficial compound in all sorts of products. Skincare oils, creams, and much more have CBD in their ingredient list. Most countries have legalized it and others are in the process of doing so.

What makes CBD this special?

Besides its most important quality which is the lack of psychoactive effects, Cannabidiol has much more to offer. The list of beneficial properties is very large and you do not need professional knowledge in order to understand or use it. All the CBD-containing products have the most important things explained in the description. For instance, hemp oils or CBD oils list all the details in their product package. In there you can find the percentage of THC if there is any, the percentage of CBD, and other important details. But, if you are using other medications then a visit to your doctor is recommended. Nowadays all the doctors have enough knowledge about CBD and will help you decide on a product or a starting dosage.

In conclusion, as with any other compound, the dosage is very important to get the best out of CBD. Getting too much CBD in a short period of time might cause negative side effects such as vomiting. But, when used properly and patiently, CBD has the ability to do great things for you. When people saw the benefits of CBD, they immediately got interested in the possible effects of CBD on animals. The thing is, animals and humans have similar endocannabinoid systems, and it is clear that Cannabidiol acts similarly on animals too. Animals and especially pets like dogs and cats in most cases are lucky enough to benefit from it.