Dr Watson 100mg CBD Vaping Liquid 10ml
Dr Watson 100mg CBD Vaping Liquid 10ml
$ 14.45 or $ 14.45 $ 13.00 / month Select options

Dr Watson 100mg CBD Vaping Liquid 10ml

$ 14.45 or $ 14.45 $ 13.00 / month

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UK Authourised CBD Retailer

Dr Watson is the most trusted and respected cannabis brand in the world. Working with Chief Scientist Dr Richard Watson PhD at DR WATSON, they have developed the highest quality CBD products you can buy.

Their mission is not to just raise the standard for the industry, but to set it – by being the world leader in quality, consistency and traceability from seed to shelf.

100mg CBD Vaping Liquid

– Flavours and natural terpenes
– GMP certified US-grown CBD
– Nicotine free
– Manufactured in pharmaceutical grade facilities


This pleasant dessert flavour is made for those with a sweeter tooth. Did you know vanilla comes from the orchid flower?

Strawberry Diesel
Everybody loves strawberries. Great for those who like a bit of sweet with subtle herbal notes.

Berry Kush
A sweet combination of berries and cannabis terpenes for those that like an earthy touch.

Watermelon Kush
Watermelons are 92% water – making them a perfect refresher. This vape liquid is great for just that.

A minty cool menthol flavour perfect for those looking to add a spark of freshness to their day.

Lemon Haze
A timeless classic – This flavour is famous around the world for it’s aroma and taste from its namesake. A clear fan favourite.

Ingredients: Flavours and natural terpene, CBD, THC level<0.2%


Dr Watson CBD


DR WATSON is a premium Health and Wellness brand producing the highest quality CBD products crafted with GMP-certified CBD and terpenes from hemp

Dr. Watson, are committed to bringing good health and wellness to people across the globe. We are dedicated to research and develop high-quality CBD products. Dr. Watson CBD products are GMP certified and well within the laws of the UK and the US. The Hemp used to extract the cannabidiol is grown on farms in the US and Switzerland with fully organic practices and without the use of any chemicals.

We believe in promoting the use of natural products for a healthy and active life, as we have seen in Ayurveda, the power of nature. Similarly, the use of CBD products will bring a new revolution in the health and wellness industry.

Dr. Watson CBD

Dr. Watson develops their products after thorough research and under the supervision of Dr. Richard Watson Ph.D., MSc., the chief scientist, and the man behind DR WATSON. The results of these products have led to a rise in the cannabis movement. More and more people are accepting there are benefits to CBD products. Also,the increase in success stories of these products is making people believe in the product’s potential of replacing chemical-based medicines.
At DR WATSON they feel it is their own responsibility to educate and make people more aware of the benefits of these products, and we at CBD World Online fully commit ourselves to guide people to the best CBD products on the market.

Dr. Watson’s primary focus is on providing a natural alternative to chemical-based products, which can help people live healthy and happy lives. Dr. Watson’s mantras to achieve this objective are traceability, transparency, and the highest quality. Maintaining transparency right from the research stage to manufacturing is an essential part of our product development. To win customers trust, Dr. Watson keep their processes fully transparent. Also, the idea behind developing our products is to products that are free from chemicals and are entirely natural.
DR WATSON CBD products ensure that they do not cause any harm to you at any capacity and serve the required purpose.

DR WATSON, aim to become the industry leader in the research and development of CBD products by educating and spreading awareness about the usefulness of CBD products. Also, we feel it is our responsibility to work towards making this industry to new heights.
While we aim so high, we pledge never to break the trust of our public.
Dr. Watson CBD Products
We have a wide range of CBD products which we try to price at the best possible rate for our customers. Some of our products include:
Vegan Gel Capsules – to relieve stress, to support recovery, sleep, etc.
Oral Hemp Oil with flavors like Belgian chocolate, Wild mint, Fijian Coconut.

CBD e-liquids with flavors like Brazilian Mango, Ice peach, Vanilla, Berry Kush & Amalfi Lemon.
Big Hit CBD Disposable Vape pod, CBD Hemp Gummies etc.

Dr. Watson will keep coming with new and high-quality products for our consumers for their healthy and prosperous life.