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Dragon’s Den Investor’s Cbd Brand Named As One Of Just Three Companies Officially Allowed To Remain On Sale In The Uk

Dragon’s Den investor’s CBD brand named as one of just three companies officially allowed to remain on sale in the UK

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CBD brand Pureis®, founded by Irish Dragons’ Den Investor Lady Chanelle McCoy and Caroline Glynn, is one of just three CBD brands officially allowed to remain on sale in the UK from today.

The FSA have published an official list of products that can continue to be sold in the UK owing to their validated safety assessment application. The final list is expected to be completed by June 2021, with products that do not appear withdrawn from the market.

The purpose of the Novel Food application, announced by the FSA in February 2020, was to ensure safety by way of safety clinical studies and compliance within the CBD industry. Prior to the classification, the vagueness of the law gave way to an unregulated sector with issues of quality assurance, plant contamination and illegal levels THC amongst CBD companies.

The inclusion of Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD within this latest FSA list upholds the company’s position as leader in the market and goes beyond the industry standard. The brand strives to be the ‘grown-ups in the CBD food supplement space’, offering customers legitimate, certifiably safe and quality products backed by clinical studies.

Co-Founder of Pureis Caroline Glynn released the following statement:

“We are very proud that Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD is the first CBD food supplement to appear on the Food Standards Agency published list, confirming which CBD products will remain on the market. As of today, such list only contains three brands.

We’ve been very busy on the side-lines for many years, conducting extensive clinical safety studies, ensuring that our products were safe and compliant to use, in accordance with food law, coupled with our raw material being US FDA registered.

The minute novel food regulation for CBD was announced we never queried or questioned the regulation, we embraced it. Ethically we wouldn’t put a product on the market without having conducted safety clinical studies, it would be against the moral compass of our company.

This is a great step forward in bringing a CBD unregulated market to a regulated market. We hope now that institutions such as the Home Office, financial services, banking, social media and digital platforms will see players like us as respected in the industry and will permit us to trade with them.
Compliant products, like Pureis® CBD are restoring people’s confidence in the CBD industry, this is thanks to the very positive move from the Food Standards Agency, that we’re proud to be part of.“

Over the course of 18 months and £1.5 in million investment, completed a full suite of safety clinical studies to meet the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the UK FSA regulations when CBD was classed as a ‘novel food’. Pureis® Ultra Pure CBD, is stocked across many pharmacies including Boots and Holland & Barrett stores in the UK market. The brand is one of the few products on the market that assures 0% THC, meaning it does not cause a “high” and is not addictive. Due to its unique production method, the product is Ultra Pure CBD with no intra batch variability, no toxins or pollutants, no terpenes, no heavy metals, no pesticides, and no insecticides.

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