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How to Get Your CBD Order Fast and Safe In This Pandemic Time

Boredom, stress, anxiety, and depression continue to crop in during this Covid-19 pandemic. Many people are turning to CBD products for their numerous therapeutic benefits. Research shows an increase in the use of CBD products over the last year.

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The good news is dispensaries and CBD stores remain open in most parts of the country as essential service providers. They, however, need to adhere to the set covid-19 safety protocols as well as their customers.

To understand how you can still get your Highest-Quality UK CBD Oil fast and safe, we discuss some of the set safety protocols to guide your shopping.

Order from a Reputable Source

You can make your order from a dispensary or a CBD store near you. These are times that require a lot of caution. You must therefore ensure you get quality CBD products from a reliable source. Do not risk consuming low-quality products that may jeopardize your health.

Before making your order, remember to do your due diligence to ensure the CBD supplier is legit and of high quality. You can check the reviews left behind by previous buyers, especially if it is your first time. If you make your order through a third party like a delivery service, make sure it is safe and reliable. You can even ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Avoid Close Contact

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When making your CBD orders, some stores have an option that allows you to direct them on where they should leave your package. The delivery guy can leave it in the lobby or your door. All this is to reduce contact with your delivery personnel.

If you have to meet them, make sure they step back at least five feet from the door. Remember to wear your mask while interacting with the delivery guy, covering your nose and mouth. Also, if they leave the package at your door, remind them to ring the doorbell to notify you of the package.

Social distancing is a good way to reduce the spread of the virus, you need to reduce contact with everyone including your delivery guy.

Throw Out the Packaging

Once you pick up your CBD deliveries, it is good to throw out the packaging cover they came in. After that, wash your hands with running water for at least 20 seconds. Doing so reduces coming to contact with the virus, in case the packaging cover had it. Remember to cover up the bin you throw your trash to prevent your pets from getting inside.


After throwing away the packaging cover, sanitize your hands if you don’t have running water. Remember to sanitize your table before placing your CBD supplies on it. With your CBD supplies open, sanitize each of them at a time if more than one and allow them to dry before placing them in the right storage centers.

If you ordered some edibles like CBD cookies, remember to transfer them to a clean bowl. You should avoid storing them in the same container they came in to reduce potential contamination. After transferring your supplies to the correct places, sanitize the table. Also, sanitize the doorknobs and light switches you might touch on your way out and back.

Lastly, when signing the receipt, it is wise to use your pen if it is within reach. If not, do not forget to sanitize your hands after receiving the package.

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Pay by Card or Before Delivery

Contactless payment is the best choice of payment in this pandemic. It helps reduce potential exposure to the virus caused by cash exchange. If possible, use your debit or credit card at delivery. Remember to sanitize the card after use just to be safe.

Alternatively, check if your CBD store allows other secure payment plans like cryptocurrency.

Tipping your delivery guy as a sign of appreciation is also welcome. However, you can use an online payment service to avoid the exchange of cash. All this is to help reduce the spread of the virus.


The whole world is together in this pandemic, however, how to handle it in person determines how we come out. As research and vaccination go on, it’s your responsibility to charge for the situation by following the laid protocols. Taking all the necessary precautionary measures is one way to show care.

For fast delivery, make sure to provide all the required information, and even follow up with the seller along the journey. But remember, the goal is not to just get CBD but to get quality products in a safe way. Always order your supplies from trustworthy sellers who put your health first by offering tested premium products.

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