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The Isle of Wight has been quick to embrace the potential benefits of cannabis, with a new research centre set to employ up to 60 people. This is providing jobs to the local economy and helping to spread enlightened views around chemical substances. However, the Isle of Wight is still subject to UK drug laws, which many consider backward and out of date.

In particular, there’s debate around the legality of CBD. This is a chemical compound found in hemp and cannabis plants. Its health benefits are well known and range from aiding sleep to relieving pain and improving skin. Furthermore, CBD is not psychoactive, which begs the question: is it legal to buy and use?

Cannabinoids and the Misuse of Drugs Act

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 outlaws almost all drugs, including cannabinoids. In 2016, the government went further by passing the Psychoactive Substances Act, which aimed to ban all chemical compounds that alter a person’s mental state. Both these acts mean that cannabis is illegal in the UK, including on the Isle of Wight.

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However, cannabis is banned because of its THC content. Since CBD is non-psychoactive, it has managed to remain legal. The hemp plant, which contains more CBD than THC, can be grown and sold legally. However, it requires special licencing to do so. Nevertheless, if you’re only interested in the non-psychoactive chemical, then you should face no legal obstruction. 

THC Content

Based on the guidelines set out by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, the legality of CBD on the Isle of Wight comes down to THC content. This is what separates a harmless oil from a Class B drug.

In the UK, the upper THC limit is 0.2%. If it goes above this, then the product is illegal. This is considered trace amounts that will have no impact on your mental state. If you aren’t interested in the hemp plant to get high, then this shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll receive all of the benefits of CBD oil without the downsides of getting high. You’ll be able to drive safely and do just about anything else unhindered.

How to Buy CBD Safely

CDB stores on the Isle of Wight are becoming an increasingly common sight. Across the UK, these licenced retailers are operating within the full confines of the law. If there’s one near you, then why not walk in and see what’s on offer? You’ll be able to discern whether the staff are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Although regulation exists, not all CBD oil products are equal. Educate yourself on what the options are. You can get it combined with other substances to enhance the effect or as an isolated chemical compound. To find out more about the ways to safely consume CBD, visit Cibdol.

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If you’re interested in experiencing the health benefits of CBD, then you’ll be glad to know it’s legal. You just have to find a reputable retailer who has complied closely with all the regulations to create the safest and healthiest product.

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