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Is Vape Kit A Good Gift For Christmas?

The season of trying to figure out what our friends and family might need or want as a gift is upon us. Instead of scratching your head and guessing what they might enjoy, this year, put some thought into it and get them a memorable gift.

If you have a friend that has been trying to quit smoking or a friend that has been thinking about taking up vaping but is unsure how to start – a vape kit might be just what they need. Of course, some might take it as a lecture, so tread lightly and think about how the friend in question would handle such a gift.

The Shopping Season

Given that we are now approaching the time of year where a shopping craze is guaranteed to happen, you might want to jump the shark and get your gifts early. Why not catch a good deal while they are available at the online vape shop, and get somebody a gift you think will be perfect for them.

People get a bunch of gifts every year that they rarely use in the following year, and that is what you want to avoid.

If you are going to buy a vape kit, have your friends’ preferences in mind, maybe pick a vape-pen in their favorite color – little details like that can make a world of difference. Also, consider getting them nicotine-free vape juice so they can stop harming themselves.

What a Good Vape Kit Contains


If you are wondering what is supposed to be in a vape kit, it’s pretty straight-forward. It will hold a vape-pen, a charger for it, and one or more e-liquids that can be used with it. Most will also include instructions on how to use it.

All of that is pretty standard; the trick is to know your friend’s tastes and pick out the combination that fits like a glove with them. You should know their preference regarding flavors, and more importantly, if they vape or not.

On the other hand, if they already vape and have all the necessary basics, maybe look into getting them a kit which they can use to make home-made vape juices, which can be an enjoyable activity that they will cherish throughout the year.

A Gift For Smokers

If they are a smoker or trying to quit, make sure to get the vape juices that contain nicotine and adjust the nicotine concentration to their habits. If they are a heavy smoker, pick out a vape juice with a higher nicotine concentration, something in the range of what they are used to.

However, if their habit is more casual, pick out a vape juice a couple of steps down in nicotine. Similarities in their habits with the vape product you get are excellent to ensure they don’t feel the gift is invasive.

The great thing about the variety of vape juice flavors is that you can find a flavor with a heavy tobacco aroma or one with just hints of it. The familiar taste might be what makes the transition easier for them.

Non-Smokers Can Enjoy It Too


Many people vape but haven’t smoked ever in their lives or have quit a long time ago. If you are thinking about getting a vape kit for someone who expressed interest, you have the perfect present.

You can get vape juices without nicotine for them with flavors you think they will enjoy. The reason they haven’t gotten into vaping might be that they are unsure where to start.

That’s where you come in with your gift, making it easy for them to pick up this hobby. Also, consider including a gift card or a card with info on where to get more vape juices when they run out of the initial batch.

To Wrap The Gift Up

You have to admit that a vape kit as a gift could be very unexpected, so make sure to point out that there is no pressure wrapped together with it and that it’s just something you think they might enjoy. So, don’t give them a lecture; give them your experience and instructions on how to charge, clean, and refill the vape-pen – constructive advice will work to your advantage.

The other reason a vape kit is a creative gift is what they can do with it all year long – get new flavors they like, try out some vape juices without nicotine, or get into making home-made e-Liquids of their own. If they get into it, you haven’t just gifted them a vape kit, but a hobby as well.