Liquid Terpenes in the UK – Experience Your Favourite Strain with the Entourage Effect

Liquid terpenes in the UK have gained popularity in the past few years. These are substances that can give cannabis its aroma and flavour. A major reason behind the growth of terpenes would be the boom witnessed by the cannabis industry. According to experts, terpenes are nothing but essential oils. These oils can be found inside the cannabis, at the spot where the cannabinoids are generated. Terpenes are not restricted to cannabis alone. Instead, they can be found in all plant life. 

Apart from enhancing the taste of cannabis, the liquid Terpenes do much more. It is responsible for giving the consumer a unique emotion. Most of the time, this feeling differs from one strain to another. Two different plants can have the same structure of cannabinoid. However, the experience and taste will differ based on the terpene structures. When you look for liquid terpenes in the UK, ensure that you study about its stimulating properties and notes.

Stimulating Capabilities

A common variety of liquid terpenes in the UK would be the Stavia terpenes. These are famous for its stimulating properties. They have a strong citrus note and a bright smell. The smell comes from a compound known as limonene, which is also found in the traditional lemon zest. The limonene causes uplifting emotion in the consumer. Also, limonene is responsible for stimulating the body’s immune system. It also protects the GI tract. 

The Indica terpenes

Another commonly found liquid terpenes in the UK would be “Indica”. These terpenes are famous for their soothing impact. The strain features beta and alpha-pinene. These are found in traditional pine trees. And, these ingredients are loaded with anti-inflammatory qualities. It helps in relieving any pain experienced with the consumption of cannabis. Another predominant strain found in Indica would be linalool. This is a floral terpene, which resembles the lavender. Conversely, it is known for having soothing effects on the consumer. 

How liquid terpenes work?

The terpene works by interacting with the body’s chemistry. The moment it is inhaled, or smelled – its effect is witnessed. This means a sample of liquid terpene in the UK doesn’t need to be smoked. Instead, smelling alone would do the trick.