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Manchester entrepreneur launches new CBD business after health scare


A new business has launched in Manchester, after its founder spotted a market that was booming in the middle of a pandemic.

More Life CBD is a family-run business and provides its customers with top CBD products, but it might never have been founded if it wasn’t for the challenges of 2020.

Manchester-born managing director Will Jones was working in events when Covid-19 hit and he suddenly had a lot of time on his hands. Instead of worrying about what was going to happen next, he was proactive and decided to turn his passion for natural remedies into a business.

The 26-year-old explained: “A few years ago I decided to only use natural products and then I found CBD.”

This change of lifestyle was prompted when he developed a spinal infection and it took nearly a year to recover physically and mentally. After the health scare, Will started working for the family business and this boosted his entrepreneurial spirit, but the pandemic gave him the push he needed to set up his own company.

“I have a genuine interest in health products,” said Will. “I then read an article about CBD and it sparked my interest. I conducted some market research and discovered that now was the time to get into this as CBD was becoming more popular in the UK. However, some of the brands looked too pharmaceutical and I wanted More Life CBD to be in keeping with wellness and lifestyle. That was in November 2020 and now More Life CBD is ready to launch.”

Please note, these products are only suitable for those aged 18 and over.

More Life CBD offers a range of products from oils to edibles
More Life CBD offers a range of products from oils to edibles

However, Will admits that before this research he was skeptical about CBD and whether it linked to THC. Like many people, he wasn’t sure how it worked, so he investigated it thoroughly and was pleasantly surprised with what he discovered.

“In terms of being a natural supplement, it can be an aid in relaxation and easing of discomfort,” he said.

Will then looked at the different products that contain CBD and how it would work with his brand.

“At first, I looked at the oils, but I know a lot of people want a choice when it comes to CBD so I explored the capsules and gummies. I’ve seen how other CBD companies target certain individuals and groups, but I want More Life to be accessible to everyone.”

With this in mind, Will made sure all the products are non-GMO, lab-tested but not on animals, THC-free and 100% organically natural. More Life CBD products are also extracted from organic, CBD-rich hemp grown in California.

“I think the fact that More Life CBD products are vegan and completely natural is a big selling point,” added Will. “It was really important that I incorporated this into the business as I know people want to know where their products come from.”

To discover all of More Life CBD’s products, visit the website. Plus, if you can’t find the exact CBD product you are looking for or would like more information, email the team via

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