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OFFFIELD Launch Combines Cannabis and Exercise for Optimal Mental and Physical Wellbeing

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Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In response to the overwhelming need for preventative mental and physical wellness, Tony Fur and Todd Hunter (previously Chief Creative Officers at Observatory, a CAA company) launch OFFFIELD (, a functional cannabis company designed to make working out more enjoyable. Tony and Todd partnered with cannabis entrepreneur Bert Culha (previously of F/IELD Extracts and Olio) and a team of doctors, nutritionists, and cannabis pioneers to develop an innovative & transparently sourced formula designed to help people move happy.


OFFFIELD’s first product, Enhanced Hydration, combines Broad Spectrum CBD + CBG, L-Theanine, B12, Magnesium, and Electrolytes for a powder blend meant to be dissolved in water and consumed 15 minutes before physical activity for reduced anxiety, inflammation, and increased hydration and motivation. These factors together alleviate the more burdensome side effects of exercise and help enable anandamide (also known as the “bliss molecule”), helping users biochemically conquer the “runner’s high” they strive for but so often cannot achieve. OFFFIELD’s launch reacts to statistics that concern the American public now more than ever such as 2 in 3 Americans lacking sufficient physical activity and the well-known fact that regular exercise benefits immunity, “even in isolation.”This, coupled with the fact that 50% of cannabis users claim cannabis motivated them to exercise, prove the launch an important step in the right direction.  


“Contrary to popular belief, ‘Runner’s High’ isn’t just about endorphins. Research shows we can use our endocannabinoid system to help us feel better during physical activity and that’s exactly where we show up,” says co-founder Tony Fur. “OFFFIELD’s mission is to help you get out of your head and into your body, making daily exercise more enjoyable. We call it Movement Made Happy and everyone is invited.” 


OFFFIELD believes that the enjoyment and understanding of self-care should not be reserved for privileged communities, but for all. In order to accomplish their belief, they did what any everyday athlete would do: make some goals. Their goals are built to serve people, places, and the planet, with commitments to those helping others.  At launch, the company has partnered with The Last Prisoner Project, pledging to donate 1% of annual sales for the remainder of the year. The money will go to helping free people incarcerated for cannabis laws that no longer exist. Alongside TLPP, OFFFIELD will work to help exonerees find their path to self-care as they enter back into society.  Furthermore, they have created a built-in “second chance hiring” program for people wrongly imprisoned for cannabis – ensuring that as they grow, so does their impact on the communities they come from. ]


The stigmas of weed culture are just that – stigmas,” says co-founder Todd Hunter. “We want to help break preconceived notions about cannabis and also push on the idea that research & innovation starts and ends in rest and recovery. Our formula uses cannabis to help people find balance and get moving, which is quite the opposite of what too many people think it’s capable of.”


OFFFIELD’s visual identity and branding further their mission of positive cannabis use, accessibility, and breaking the negative stigma. Led and executed by co-founders Tony Fur and Todd Hunter, who leaned on their CAA experience leading cross-discipline projects for brands like Coca-Cola, Chipotle, General Motors, and Bonobos, OFFFIELD’s branding was inspired by the “golden age” of fitness and sport where enjoyment and fun were front and center—when people were excited about a new activity (from jogging to rollerblading) and sports were less about performance and more about the experience. The company’s style sits at the intersection of timeless recreational style (albeit nostalgic & optimistic) and modern, minimal design to capture the lighthearted spirit of self-care that can re-inspire people to move happy. 


Having started his career as a graphic designer and illustrator at the age of 16, Tony designed every graphic element and illustrated OFFFIELD’s collection of characters by hand, a skill he also put forward in developing animated brand work for Coca-Cola, Umpqua Bank, and Chipotle. The characters explore both serious and lighthearted topics in culture and our daily lives—their illustrated and animated adult archetypes are at the cross-section of fitness and cannabis, with the intention of making complex issues like health-care, legislation, and lifestyle more approachable. The characters can be found throughout their website and packaging cycling, doing yoga, running, playing tennis, skateboarding, and more. Some characters carry political references, from the law-makers responsible for propagating the war on drugs to hardworking United States postal workers that need to be recognized for their service (and also happen to deliver OFFFIELD).


OFFFIELD’s formula was developed in partnership with Everest and OFFFIELD’s Chief Science Officer Mark Farber, Dr. (MD, Ph.D., MS), who has a background in internal medicine, biomedical and chemical engineering, and basic science research. The product went through 30+ iterations to perfect the dissolving quality of high-quality CBD in water—landing on water-dispersed hemp oil that delivers cannabinoids to your system. The product was tested for safety and quality by Everest Formulations. Co-founders Todd, Tony, and Bert all have firsthand testimonial with OFFFIELD since they set out to perfect the product 1.5 years ago—with a 50-pound weight loss journey, completion of a first triathlon after years of back pain, and breakthrough progress in work/life balance (amidst a 1 to 2 child transition + working from home during the pandemic) respectively. Third-party clinical trials are underway and will be released as soon as available.



  • Tony Fur (CEO, Co-Founder) & Todd Hunter  (Co-Founder, Chief Brand Officer): Tony is recognized by Campaign Magazine as one of the most creative marketers in the world with 4 Grand Prix Lions, 4 Emmy Awards, and 8 Webbys wins. Todd is one of the world’s most awarded strategic and creative marketers, named to PR Week 40 Under 40 and Forbes 30 Under 30. Together they founded and grew Observatory (a CAA company), which was recognized by Fast Company as one of the “Most Innovative Companies of 2020” in the world. More than a decade of experience and leadership at CAA, while gratifying, led to burnout and the birth of something new in OFFFIELD, rooted in the two ways they (and many) balance the pressures of work & life: cannabis & exercise.
  • Bert Culha – Chief Cannabis Officer, Co-Founder: As the founder of Cycle House (with locations in LA, New York, and DC), Bert is a fitness and cannabis industry veteran. In the last 6 years, he has built and grown successful cannabis companies, Olio in Denver and F/eld Extracts in Los Angeles.
  • Dr. Mark Farber – Chief Scientific Officer: Dr. Farber MD, PhD, MS has a background in internal medicine, biomedical and chemical engineering, and basic science research. As a scientist, engineer, and physician Dr Farber has gained extensive experience with previous breakthroughs in chemical engineering, biomedical device design and sports science.


Product Details and Pricing

OFFFIELD Enhanced Hydration comes in 12-packs of 10g, single serving packets for $47.00 or A Trial Bundle with  3-packs of 10g, single serving packets and a limited edition OFFFIELD ™ x Nalgene 16oz water bottle for $19.99.


Each order ships free and a monthly subscription of twelve-packs are available for $37.60. The product is sold direct to consumer at, with retail partners to follow.



OFFFIELD’s Broad Spectrum CBD + CBG blend is sourced from Socati, a company built to give manufacturers access to quality hemp-derived ingredients run by a team of vetted agronomists, geneticists, and chemists with a proven track record in agribusiness, biochemical, medical cannabis, healthcare, and high-tech companies. The rest of OFFFIELD’s ingredients are sourced from the company’s partner, Everest Formulations, a NPA UL cGMP Certified Facility: Sodium Gluonate (sodium source), country of origin-France | Sodium Citrate (sodium source), country of origin-Canada |Potassium Citrate (potassium source), country of origin-Germany |Magnesium Citrate (magnesium source), country of origin-Germany| Zinc Gluconate (zinc  source), country of origin-India/USA |Vitamin B12, country of origin-China |L-Theanine, country of origin-China


*Test results available upon request








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