GWOAT FUEL CBD Coffee 250g Ground Bean



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CBD Coffee 250g Ground Bean

Enjoy GWOAT Fuels medium-roast Columbian blend which features notes of toffee and walnut with a light, citrus zest. This blend made by UFC Fighter & MMA’s Cage Rage Champion is a real balancing and flavorful and we promise a rich and full-bodied taste with each delicious sip. Savor this intensely bold coffee flavor that is delicately sweet with a smooth finish.

GWOAT FUEL CBD infused coffee beans are made with a 100% organic and fully tested, full spectrum extract from the USA with no detectable THC. Each cup offers a unique cannabinoid profile that promotes a feeling of an energized body and calm mind while complimenting your wellness routine.

Contents: Each bag contains 250g of ground coffee. Each 10g serving contains 5mg of CBD.
Dosage: 1-2 10g servings per day. Do not exceed 3 cups of coffee per day.

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