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The Complete Guide To DIY E-Liquid Mixing

Mixing E-liquids seems to be a task that’s close to impossible, but it’s not difficult as you may perceive it to be. Some of their pre-mixed counterparts have proved to be quite expensive.

For this and other reasons, you are better off when you learn different techniques of mixing e-liquids. This move has you covered financially, as it enables you to make the most out of various combinations of e juice flavors.

To concoct the best e liquid from the comfort of your home, you must gain crucial knowledge on how to follow the steps involved if you’re a beginner. This timely and thorough guide will ensure that you get the entire process right.

Your Requirements


A base is responsible for the overall outcome of your e juice mix. This means you hold the power pick PG or VG as bases in the ratio you desire.

You could start with VG and PG in a 50: 50 ratio and see how that goes because they have quite a flexible nature.

Additionally, PG and VG should be your choice bases since they contain no flavors that would distort your e juice mixing process. They also don’t have any traces of Nicotine.

PG is more concerned with the kind of effect you get when vaping for the first time in terms of the throat hit. It also focuses on how much vapor gets to your senses. On the other hand, VG is more about granting you a vaping experience that will be smooth all through. It will also assure you of a cloud production that would leave you satisfied.

Now that the crucial part is over, your next cause of action should be about the level of concentration of each of the flavors that you prefer. If you’re an experienced vaper, you could follow the flavors up with a Nicotine liquid and see what comes out of it.

You could skip this step if you’re giving vaping a try for the first time.


These are flavorings that you can consider to be optional since they appear to be very concentrated. They give you the option to make your e-liquid sweet, sour, or somewhere in between.

As a beginner, you’re only required to use a few drops to avoid tampering with the ultimate taste. For the mixing process, you’ll need plastic bottles that are squeezable since they’ll make your work easier.

Also, ensure that your bottles and containers are tinted to avoid interference by excessive light. Get some labels to stick on your bottles, so you won’t get them mixed up.

Finally, a graduated syringe plays a crucial role in ensuring that your measurements of each ingredient are accurate.

Disposable Gloves

Some of the ingredients are harmful and corrosive on the bare skin. A pair of disposable gloves protect your skin in case of any accidental spillages.

What To Avoid

When carrying out an e-liquid mixing DIY, here are some ingredients you should never bring on board:

  • Any awkward-looking flavoring – Be sure to do your research on all the flavorings you wish to use. If the manufacturer doesn’t recommend them for DIY e juice mixing, experimenting would be hazardous to your health.
  • Essential oils – You must steer clear of all types of oils since they are dangerous.
  • Household items.

Another thing to avoid is using water as a base. This move will be disastrous to your mix and will only cause it to pop then spit. Stick to VG and PG as they have features suited for this purpose.

Steep The Juice

After finally attaining your juice, steeping is an optional step depending on the ingredients used. You will need less time to steep if you prefer the fruity flavors.

On the other hand, the creamy dessert and Tobacco flavors tend to take up more time. Steeping involves placing your bottles of e juice in warm water after shaking them vigorously.

Leave them to cool off in a cool and dark place without caps on the bottle for about 2 hours. Seal them up and shake them once more to mix the flavors evenly.

The whole point of steeping is to get the real taste of your preferred flavor. The period of steeping is dependent on what you want from your e-liquid. You could allow the steeping period to go for as long as three weeks. Visible proof of steeping is the change in color to dark.

Store It Safely

E-liquid is sensitive mostly due to its contents. Here are some storage tips to keep it fresh all through.

  • Avoid the sun as much as possible – Your e juice should never come into contact with heat. It catalyzes the oxidation process, and Nicotine becomes weak as a result. This makes your e-juice flavorless and tasteless.
  • Store your e-liquid in a cool and dark place – A dark and cool place is essential as it helps increase your e juice’s shelf-life.
  • Store as far away as possible from kids and pets – A cupboard that’s high enough and mounted on a wall is safe.
  • Avoid using plastic bottles for storage – When plastic comes into contact with the e-juice, it alters the flavor entirely. You can use plastics for short-term storage only.

Benefits Of DIY E-Liquid Mixing

  1. Mixing your e-liquid at home saves you money – Buying concentrates and flavorings in bulk is much cheaper because it lasts longer than having to make purchases of ready juices
  2. You are free to mix up whichever taste and flavor you desire
  3. You decide how much Nicotine your system can handle
  4. Keeps’ vaper’s tongue, at bay

Final Thoughts

As with every hobby, DIY e-liquid mixing can be as straightforward or as complicated as you want it to be. It’s entirely up to you. Enjoy yourself while at it, and you’ll be well on your way to perfecting this art in the long haul.