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CBD Nation

This Documentary ‘CBD Nation’ might change your mind about medical cannabis

The newly released documentary CBD Nation takes an objective, scientific look at cannabidiol, the molecule known colloquially as CBD. very similar to this film, CBD is challenging how the globe sees weed. film producer David Jakubovic of Mad Machine Films explained that when commencing on this project, even he didn’t yet understand the worth of cannabis medicine. While filming the documentary, he said his own perspective shifted and he hopes the film can inspire that very same change in others.

“If you’ll be able to watch this as someone stigma-minded and have their mind changed as I did, i’ll have done something,” said CBD Nation director David Jakubovic.

While traveling to meet with medical specialists and researchers, Jakubovic was introduced to patients whose lives had been forever changed by the properties of the cannabis plant. Their stories aren’t necessarily the research-backed data that doctors need, but each patient’s testimony is integral to the progress of cannabis science. Jakubovic agreed and this shaped the direction for the documentary: ultimately, CBD Nation offers a balanced selection of patient testimony alongside the great minds of cannabis science and research. Though the film is packaged for somebody who has not yet realized the medicinal potential of cannabis, it’s thought-provoking even for those people who have been advocates for some time.

Activist and industry pioneer Andrew DeAngelo shared his hopes for the film:

“I hope people will get motivated to form change by seeing the movie. Once enough people are motivated then change is created, and access follows from that. We are still within the moment of making enough change to permit legal models that provide safe access for the people.” — Andrew DeAngelo, during a statement
The crew traveled the u. s. and to Israel, the hub of cannabis research, collecting information and interviews. Conversations with activists like Andrew and Steven DeAngelo, research icons like Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, PhD., Dr. June Chin, and over 20 other physicians, specialists, and health practitioners are featured within the film. Each participant may be a thread within the film’s goal of providing a true educational view of the Endocannabinoid System. Dense molecular talk is balanced by the stories of real patients whose lives are changed for the better by cannabis medicine. These heartwarming stories were essential to telling this story, but Jakubovic wanted to center a sincere analytical explanation of CBD in the film.

“There’s so much out there within the culture where cannabis may be a punchline. i noticed that this could just be fully serious. the actual facthas to be what’s fascinating here,” explained Director David Jakubovic.

Each interview or personal account builds an argument for cannabidiol as a vital molecule within the human system. as it says within the documentary, “Our bodies are built to consume cannabis,” but our medical community has not been trained for it. This ineptitude is the result of a government that’s unwilling to acknowledge multiple studies showing the therapeutic advantage of cannabis medicine. CBD Nation displays just the facts in the hopes that a concise, objective delivery of knowledge can shift the societal stigma around cannabis and CBD.

I can recommend this documentary for everybody, from the staunch anti-marijuana club to the loud cannabis activists. Many cannabis books and films have fallen short of providing keen insight into this fascinating field of scientific study — in the case of CBD Nation, however, I found myself learning about concepts that are familiar to me in an exceedingly digestible way and which allowed me to sharpen my understanding, even after almost a decade in the cannabis industry.