THK 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD E-Liquid
THK 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD E-Liquid
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THK 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD E-Liquid

$ 53.56 or $ 48.20 / month

10ml CBD e-liquid with 1000mg of CBD.

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For those people who require a stronger dose of cbd to vape, we are delighted to now introduce our higher strength e-liquid products to the range.

In our desire to ensure that all our products offer a wide array of cannabinoids, we use a genuine full plant extract which means you get the full benefit of this amazing plant. The CBD is derived from non-GMO European hemp and this product contains at least 1000mg of CBD in a 10ml squeezable bottle. The extraction and manufacturing process results in a cbd packed golden e-liquid, suitable for all liquid vaping devices and e-cigarettes.
Vaping is the most bio-available way of consuming cbd and the effects are felt more quickly. However, it is not as long lasting as the dropper oils or capsules, so we recommend using the vape products as a top up to the cbd oils.

Contains 0% nicotine, very low levels of THC and no particulates.

Shake well before use.


The Herb Kingdom

The Herb Kingdom CBD

The Herb Kingdom CBD Oil is unbelievable value for money.

A real top quality golden CBD oil your unlikely to find oils as high in quality as Herb Kingdom CBD Oil at such a great price. Starting at £21.99 for 600mg 10ml golden CBD Oil all the way up to 3600mg 30ml CBD Oil. A

Quality Oil From A Quality CBD Brand.

The Herb Kingdom CBD Capsules

One of our most sold products The Herb Kingdom CBD Capsules has 100% positive feedback from our customers. Available in 600mg & 1200mg at a superb price. East to swallow capsules ensure an accurate dose of Herb Kingdom CBD.

The Herb Kingdom CBDE-Liquid

The Herb Kingdom CBD have now formulated their very own CBD Vape Liquid. This Herb Kingdom Vape Juice is a great and very effective way to consume your daily dose. Now available in a full spectrum 1500mg e-liquid your sure to feel the benefits of cannabidiol.

The Herb Kingdom Story

We are father and son – Laurence & Alex Hughston. A few years ago Alex contracted Crohn’s Disease and had to have an operation to remove part of his bowel. The operation failed and resulted in poison leaking into his stomach which nearly killed him. A second emergency operation a few days later saved his life.

However, the Crohn’s remains, and the desire to keep it at bay is strong. After much research, he discovered that using CBD oil (as a food supplement and in addition to changes to his diet recommended by his doctors) could help relieve his symptoms. Obviously, we cannot make any medical claims here but we know what we know.

But sourcing high-quality CBD oil at a reasonable price proved difficult as the market is awash with misinformation and poor practice. Claims about CBD content (potency) are often misleading and the industry is rife with stories of lab tests being conducted on products that prove that they don’t contain what they claim to contain. What is evident is that some people are making an awful lot of money selling products with very low levels of CBD at extortionate prices. And let’s face it – it’s the CBD people are paying for not the carrier oils.

Our Approach

We have put countless hours into finding out all we can about CBD oil and where to source the best products. We fully understand what makes a great product and what represents great value for money, so you can be confident that buying your CBD products from The Herb Kingdom is a great decision. After all, the products we sell are the products that Alex uses himself.