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weed for insomnia

Weed for sleep: treating insomnia with marijuana

Weed is a drug derived from the plant Cannabis sativa. Also known as marijuana, bud, or pot, weed is the dried portion of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is used for recreational and medicinal purposes. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is its active compound. It can cause enhanced sensory perception, relaxation, and euphoria. Cannabinoids are known for their therapeutic properties, making it a priority drug for many patients dealing with chronic illnesses.

Insomnia is a condition where the person experiences sleeping disorders. Many factors contribute to this, like anxiety, stress, lack of exercise, eating disorders, poor sleeping habits, and side effects of some other chronic illnesses or medications. Chronic insomnia is seen in 6–15% of the population and is associated with adverse health outcomes. An individual’s ability to function normally is deeply affected by a lack of sleep. People who have insomnia might also find it hard to carry out daily activities. Poor concentration, dizziness, increased fatigue, lack of strength, loss of appetite are some common symptoms that patients might experience.

Using marijuana for sleep

Cannabis plants contain a chemical called Cannabinoid THC. Its active compound has sedative properties and is known for sleep boasting abilities. Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an amino acid that works as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Consuming marijuana helps the body activate its GABA system; hence more people are moving towards weed therapy. Getting weed has become much easier with technological advancements. Access to weed is increasing. There are many weed apps available where you can buy your stuff. With a weed app, you don’t even need to share your address, they can pick your location, and your weed will be delivered wherever you are. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered; the existing results suggest that the effects of marijuana on sleep depend on many factors. The success of weed as a sleep aid is highly individual. Everybody reacts differently to marijuana; hence the treatment of insomnia with weed might differ from person to person.

Researchers trying to learn how weed affects the sleeping brain have studied volunteers in their sleep laboratories. This research suggests that motivation to use cannabis for sleep is high and might be beneficial to sleep. There are cases where people can experience symptoms of insomnia without necessarily having insomnia disorder. The severity and frequency of symptoms are different in such cases. Hence if someone has insomnia temporarily due to some other condition, then weed is very helpful. There are many kinds of research performed over the years that prove the potency of marijuana in treating insomnia. New areas of exploration in the field of weed might examine how various subspecies of a cannabis plant can influence sleep and how this may differ between individuals.

When to start or stop?

It is seen that using marijuana has different reactions on different people. There are many factors contributing to the effect weed has on one’s body. Type of disease, type of medication, and also the frequency of consuming marijuana affect the treatment. Sometimes over-the-counter medications and therapies given by caregivers are not enough to provide proper sleep. If you plan to treat insomnia with a proper prescription by the doctor, you should not wait much further. Starting weed intake is very easy, even for first-timers. If you are not a person who wants to be seen in a dispensary buying weed, you always have an option of buying it online or through a marijuana app.

Understanding when to stop using marijuana for insomnia is also necessary. Sometimes consuming marijuana with the thought of curing sleep disorders and continuing to do so for a long time without any visible relief is your cue to stop. Sometimes the problem that is visible to you is not the problem you actually have. There might be some other hidden issues in your body that are causing sleep disorders. Consulting a doctor is very important in such situations.


People use weed for a variety of reasons, like alleviating anxiety and relieving pain. The therapeutic effects of marijuana are known to provide relaxation in multiple chronic diseases. Insomnia is also one of the disorders that can be treated to some extent. It is also seen that there are differences in sleep complaints between using and not using marijuana. Being said that, it is also essential that you know it is not a cure-all, and you must consult a doctor for any other prevalent issue. The type of weed you are using also has effects on the problem. With access becoming much easier, you can order the stuff that suits you. You can sign up with an online weed delivery service, or you can also install a good weed app that can help you with browsing and selecting your stuff from your phone. Ordering your stuff was never easier. You can get your weed delivered to your home and help your sleep disorders. You should regulate the amount and time of weed intake as per your schedule and need.

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