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Weed Grinders | How to Use Them for CBD Flowers? – An Absolute Guide

Harnessing the full potential of CBD flowers calls for the right tools and equipment. A weed grinder, for instance, is an essential part of any vaper’s kit. They come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and materials, making the selection overwhelmingly difficult. No worries, here we have illustrated what are grinders and how to effectively use them to maximize the effects of CBD flowers. So, without delaying any further, let’s jump right into it.

What Is A Weed Grinder?

Cannabis comes in chunks, sometimes tightly held together, which are troublesome to shred without a proper instrument. That is where a weed grinder such as sharpstone weed grinders come in and grinds the flowers into finer particles. It is a small container that is embedded with several tiny but sharp teeth. And when you twist the device, the flowers inside get shredded.

You may come across weed grinders with varying shapes and designs, and they are often classified by the number of compartments they have. For instance, a 2-pieces grinder is just a lid and the base where the teeth are. A 4-piece grinder, on the other hand, offers two more compartments — one for filtration, and the other one for catching kief at the bottom.

Why Use Them?

When you pulverize weed, the surface area dramatically increases, and this helps a vaporizer heat more efficiently to extract more potent and flavorsome vapors. Try it out, and you will experience a huge difference in taste.

What’s more, a weed grinder makes it easier to not only shred but also gather the finer product in a separate compartment. A filter screen within the body separates pollen depending on its size — not to mention, it gathers kief, which is equivalent to treasure in terms of weed.

How to Use Them?

  • Step 1 — Shred the extra-large chunks and place them inside the device, allowing easy fit. Avoid placing in the center because nothing will get crushed there. So, place the herbs around the edges, between the teeth.
  • Step 2 — Start rotating the top. Continue to do so until the rotation becomes relatively more fluid.
  • Step 3 — Take out the freshly ground substance and fuel your vaporizer for the ultimate experience.
  • Step 4 — If you are using a bigger weed grinder, collect the kief and sprinkle it over anything you want to enjoy the enhanced effects of the product.


What Are the Best CBD Flowers?

The grinder only shreds the substance and brings out the flavor and amplifies the potency. But it is essential that you select the right CBD flower. The following are some interesting CBD flowers that you will absolutely love:

Jack Herer

This well-known strain is a legend and holds an eminent position in the market. All thanks to its bewitching aroma and lasting taste that spellbinds anyone that tries it.

One puff and you won’t be able to stop enjoying the ultimate lemony and fruity flavor. The taste reminds you of the natural and pure ingredients you find in the depth of a forest.

With ± 3,50 % CBD levels, and only ± 0.14 % THC, you can expect nothing but a tasteful adventure for your tongue and throat. On the plus side, it will not make you feel high, because of the exceptionally high CBD percentage.

OG Kush

A tried and tested CBD flower, OH Kush is characterized by a sweet skunk flavor and a sharp aftertaste that lingers for long. By crossing two powerful plants we have received this amazing by-product, which comes with anti-inflammatory and mellowing out effects.

What we just can’t ignore is the bewildering flavor of the substance, which is a combination of lemony, spicy, and woody tones. The weed strain harbors ± 4,59 % CBD and a trace amount of THC. No wonder you don’t suffer from prolonged psychoactive effects after consuming this flower.

White Widow

It can wow any cannabis enthusiasts with its wonderful aroma and powerful flavor, that leaves imprints on both your mind and tongue. You will fall in love with the woody and spicy scents accompanied by sweet notes. The plant contains ± 3,4 % of CBD and only 0.13 % of THC, so it focuses on alleviating the person from a multitude of troublesome physical and mental health complications.

Orange Bud

For decades, the product has been at the forefront of many weed lovers due to the countless benefits the product provides. It exudes a sweet aroma along with citrusy notes that are fun to experience.

No matter how severe the trauma, anxiety, depression, or any other mental stress disorder, the product minimizes the negatives with the help of ± 5,43 % CBD percentage. So, you can never go wrong with this CBD flower, and it will always prove helpful for a number of health issues.


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