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Why Third-Party Testing Is Important For CBD Quality Control?

Whether we talk about consumer goods or services, it is the safety concerns that are paramount. If you are a consumer, you probably check for tests or reports, assessing the safety of what you buy. A similar rule also applies to cannabis and CBD-based products and CBD products must go through third-party testing. What does that mean, exactly? Read on and find out why third-party testing can be essential for quality control of CBD.

What Is Third-Party Testing?

The cannabis and CBD industry has always been in the grey area. Several rules are in place but most manufacturers don’t comply with all the regulations. Many manufacturers of CBD products might not even test their products to find out their safety and contents.

In situations like these, it is essential to bring in third-parties to test the products. The manufacturers can send out the products to separate testing companies. These companies use certified scientists who conduct tests in the laboratory to determine the safety and contents of CBD products. They follow a strict, consistent, and accurate testing method. It ensures that results are correct, and people can trust them. With third-party testing, the chances of errors and false reports are less.

These tests check the products on the following parameters:

Cannabinoid profile

The first and most primary thing that these tests check is the profile of cannabinoids present in a product. There are hundreds of different cannabinoids present in cannabis, and CBD is one of them. When the products go through the tests, it will show the percentage of CBD present. It can also tell if the products have permissible amounts of THC, which is 0.3% or less.

Terpene profile

Terpenes are the small and volatile compounds responsible for the distinct smell of cannabis. Besides adding smell, terpenes can also amplify the effects of cannabinoids — the Entourage Effect. Terpenes are also present in full-spectrum CBD products, but if you are getting CBD isolate, they won’t be present.

Organic solvents

Earlier manufacturers used organic solvents like propane and butane during the extraction process. Now they use CO2. So, there are lesser chances of finding organic solvents in the products.

Heavy metals

The cannabis plant can pull nutrients from the soil. But, along with the nutrients, it can also absorb harmful metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. These metals can adversely affect your health.


The test can also check if CBD contains any biological contaminants like fungi, bacteria, parasites, or molds.

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Why Is Third-Party Testing Important?

Third-party testing is becoming the norm of the CBD industry, and it is for all the right reasons. Here are a few points that show why it is essential.

1. Assurance of safety

There have been many instances where manufacturers producing CBD products have not disclosed the contents. While there aren’t too many regulations for CBD, the manufacturers can still violate the ones in place.

Because of the manufacturer’s inability to follow guidelines or lie about the content of their products, it is difficult to determine if the products are safe or not. Some even add harmful chemicals or heavy metals in their products. It can severely impact the health of users and make them prone to a series of diseases. When the products go through the third-party tests, those test will show if the products have any harmful contents or if they are safe for use.

2. Regulates the industry

The one thing that the CBD industry lacks is regulation. Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t control the CBD industry in the U.S.A. They are still laying the framework to regulate both the cannabis and CBD industry. The FDA only asks the consumers to be cautious about who you get products from. The regulations are still hazy and leave everything to consumer judgement.

Here, third-party tests can play a major role to ensure a little order and regulate the industry. These companies can conduct thorough testing and give accurate results about safety. If consumers purchase only the products that get the nod of tests, it can help wipe out substandard products from the market. Each manufacturer will have to ensure the products are safe and have an adequate amount of CBD and THC.

3. Establishes consumer’s confidence

Users are opening up to CBD and products infused with CBD. It is imperative to get the customer’s faith by delivering them the right products. When outside parties conduct a thorough test of the product and provide accurate results, the consumers are more likely to believe it. Also, they might buy and use such products, which will only add value to the industry.

4. Help people get the right products:

A majority of CBD users are relying on it for medicinal reasons. From anxiety to insomnia and pain to acne, CBD may help them combat an array of health troubles. That makes it more essential for them to buy products that are safe and have the right amount of CBD. By checking the report of third-party tests, they can know if a particular CBD product will suit them or not.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is the CBD industry or any other, the consumer is king. To last in a competitive market like CBD, it is essential to look after the consumers and their safety. Third-party testing of the products can not only check if every batch of products is safe but also establish consumer trust. While it is not mandatory to run CBD products through such a test, doing so helps companies and consumers in the long run.

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