6 Reasons To Try CBD To Enhance Your Yoga Practice

6 Reasons To Try CBD To Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Can CBD Enhance Your Yoga Practice?

6 Reasons To Try CBD To Enhance Your Yoga Practice
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There are multiple reasons why CBD is hitting the popularity charts. It shows an interesting range of health benefits with bleak chances of addiction. Though a cannabis derivative, CBD does not impart a high feeling associated with cannabis that has high levels of THC.

Health and fitness industry is benefiting hugely from this newfound compound, and you may find it in plenty of health supplements. With plenty of therapeutic properties, CBD has naturally attracted masses to imbibe CBD to support their routine activities. One can buy CBD Canada online at the comforts of their home.

Let us find out what all factors make CBD pair amazingly well with the yoga practice.

Yoga involves physical, as well as mental coordination that requires focus and stability. Primarily, CBD binds with the cannabinoids in your endocannabinoid system to alter the body’s reaction to stress, pain, mood, and emotions. Therefore, CBD oil can help bring positive impacts on the following aspects of yoga practice.

6 Reasons To Try CBD To Enhance Your Yoga Practice
Source: Unsplash.com

Sustained flexibility for the practice.

Regular practice requires a great deal of flexibility in your body. Holding a posture for long can leave your body sore and painful. Luckily administering CBD can help reduce pain. Anti-inflammatory properties can reduce inflammation and relieve joint problems like chronic arthritis. Also, the topical application of CBD oil can reduce chronic pain such as arthritis pain and inflammation from the desired area that can help you continue your practice without a hinge.

Dealing with the trauma.

Some of our past traumas and imprints become a part of our memory. Although yoga and breathing exercises can induce relaxation and help you manage stress, it can also open a gateway to these lost memories. This, in turn, springs up suppressed emotions that bring anxiety. CBD can help manage brain activity and control anxious thoughts by increasing GABA amino acids in your brain. Hence, helping you to relax anxious thoughts. Studies indicate CBD to be helpful in managing severe psychological conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and compulsive disorders. When paired with your practice, it can calmly deal with many stress and anxiety-related issue that may arise.

Helps improve the Focus

If staying at one place is troublesome and you find it difficult to focus, CBD can be a great help. It can control the wandering thoughts by controlling the excitability in the brain. The cannabinoids in CBD can attach to the CBD receptors in the nervous system that can alter the chemical activity to control brain excitability. Fewer thoughts mean better focus which ultimately increases mindfulness during the yoga sessions and practice.

Better digestion.

Taking care of the body’s nutrition needs can enhance its physical performance. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD help in keeping away any inflammation and bloatedness in the digestive tract. It also helps in managing stress eating by providing better satiety from food. Overeating and stomach problems can hinder your yoga practice by making you feel uncomfortable. CBD is a simple way to help overcome that.

Improved sleep cycles.

With your regular practice, it is essential to get proper sleep. A yoga session can be tiring for your muscles and sleep ensures better recovery. CBD lets a person rest better by supporting deep sleep cycles by helping reduce dreams during REM sleep. So, adding CBD to your practice can make a person feel a lot better in terms of rest and sleep.

Stay happy and relaxed.

Regular yoga practice is associated with better cognitive performance and improved mental abilities. Some of the breathing exercises, such as Pranayam followed by positive imagery, can make you feel happy and increase the dopamine levels in your body. CBD might not increase the dopamine levels in your body, but it can let your body absorb this happy hormone better. Yoga combined with CBD can benefit you by sustained relaxed feeling, even hours after the session.

The bottom line.

One of the quickest ways to get CBD in your system is through vaping. However, taking tinctures is one of the most popular methods to ingest CBD oil as you can control the quantity to administer. CBD infused food may take anything from one hour to four hours to kick in, so you may need a little observation to find out the correct timings to merge with your session.

CBD is a natural way to bring focus and stability to practice. How your body reacts to an external agent depends on a lot many variables, like your food and lifestyle habits. So, it is better to administer CBD under expert supervision. There is plenty of medical evidence that makes people continue to use CBD in their yoga practice. The popularity of the product objectively says a lot about its benefits.