Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Upon acceptance onto our affiliate program, the following terms and conditions will apply. All affiliates are bound by these terms. We strongly encourage all affiliates to read and understand these terms, as it is assumed that by participating in the program, these terms have been read and understood.

Pre-Approval of Communication

Any ad copy, imagery or other content intended for consumer-facing environments must be shown to a member of our team for approval before it is set live. This includes media such as social media, email and other forms of consumer communication. Given the nature of our product, all information must be factual and accurate. Affiliates are required to present all content to our team for approval before it can be set live.


Affiliates are expected to represent our brand in as positive a light as possible. Ad copy and creative content must match the standards of our website, and all information about us must be factual and accurate. Affiliates should treat our brand as if they are a part of our team and act in our best interests at all times.

Bots and Automation

The use of bots, scripts and other forms of automation for mass messaging consumers is strictly prohibited.

Content Restrictions

Our brand should never be associated with adult, mature, hate, terrorist, political, sexual or contentious content. Affiliates should not present our brand in a way that could lead consumers to presume that our brand supports a view or opinion that we have not explicitly consented to.

Legal Notice

Our products are legal in the UK, and a notice to this effect should be displayed next to media promotions so that consumers clearly understand this. Affiliates should seek help from us on anything they are unsure about in regards to legalities.


Commission is payable after a 28-day refund period has passed. Commissions will typically be paid between 30-40 days after a transaction has occurred, usually between the 1st & 5th of each month.


Any commission earned will be paid via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer.


Any affiliate found to be manipulating performance or engaging in any sort of fraud will be terminated from the program and forfeit all and any outstanding commission that has not been credited to their bank account.

Before Joining

All potential affiliates must contact our team before they join the program. This allows us to understand how they plan to promote our products and to establish a relationship from the outset.