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CBD Performance

High-Performance CBD Products

CBD Performance was founded by Simon Church and Russell Short after a ‘lightbulb’ moment discussing why, after a personal positive experiences of using CBD, there was such a stigma around CBD and why it wasn’t used more regularly in the health, fitness & sports industry as well as general use. They are now on a mission to help as many people globally by providing the finest quality and trusted CBD supplements.

The pair met through the football world, building a professional business relationship during Simon’s premiership and international football career, and Russell’s experience of more than a decade in the football, health, and fitness world, as both a player and a business figure.

Specially formulated from first-hand professional experience, CBD Performance provides CBD supplements that are vegan-friendly designed to assist with your general wellbeing journey. All of our products are expertly tested and 100% natural, all with 0% THC.

All CBD Performance products feature a QR code on them which can be scanned to take you straight to the Certificate of Analysis, just one way we are building trust with our consumers as we look to set the standard with transparency from seed to shelf. You can trust our passion & expertise.