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Showing all 4 results

Is CBD Coffee legal in the UK?

Yes! We only stock CBD Coffee UK products which comprise the best quality coffee grounds and pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol that’s grown organically under government permit and thoroughly analyzed by a 3rd party laboratory which certifies the product to be under 0.2% THC (non-psychoactive). This falls under the European Union product requirements to ensure that the CBD Coffee’s you buy (below) comply with industry regulations. We’re also a Cannabis Trades Full Member Company.

When should I consume my cup of CBD Coffee?

There isn’t any true right or wrong answer, however many consume CBD Coffee during a workday to help with work-related pressure. As you can imagine, CBD Coffee will contain caffeine, which is proven to keep you up at night so we advise you not to leave it really late.

What is the best CBD coffee?

We stock numerous reputable CBD brands, although we advise that you take a look at a number of factors when determining which CBD Coffee is the one for you, including the amount of CBD in each cup, the product reviews, is it a brand you have tried before? And some additional factors highlighted in the product description. We now also stock Cold Brew Coffee Infused with CBD which is turning out to be extremely popular with our clients. At CBD World Online we’re huge advocates of CBD and like many around the world we are also enormous coffee lovers, so much so we drink everyday coffee and CBD infused coffee in the office regularly during the week.

Can I drink coffee with CBD oil drops in?

We would not suggest this, as CBD Oil ought to be taken sublingually to be certain of a greater absorption rate, together with any oil consumed shedding the bioavailability. The fantastic news is, you will now find in our inventory specially formulated water-soluble versions and specifically formulated CBD Coffee Drops which should be added to your regular coffee.

Generally, we find our customers opt more for Whole or Ground Bean CBD Infused Coffee, which has been specially designed so you still consume the CBD correctly. All our CBD Coffee Blends have undergone several comprehensive taste tests, to ensure they all still make for the best possible brew, if you were to just pour unflavoured CBD oil into your coffee, it’s probable you’ll find a rather unpleasant taste in your mouth.

What does CBD coffee taste like?

This is dependent on the individual Coffee mix and maker, but the one most surprising findings from our taste evaluations were that they all tasted like a good quality high-end coffee. The Coffee is frequently Arabica Coffee Beans, imported from locations such as Costa Rica and Columbia. All our CBD Coffee can be traced back to its origin.

Are there other CBD hot drinks?

Yes, you will find an increasing amount of flavoured CBD Drink’s from our website, you may now purchase some CBD tea and even CBD infused Hot Chocolate. Alternatively, we’ve got many amazing Cold CBD Drinks available along with the UK’s largest range of CBD Edibles.

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