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Showing 1–12 of 24 results

Sensitise Your Wellness Routine with Sensi CBD

Sensi CBD products are made from a special cannabis strain bred by Sensi Seeds. This strain is particularly high in CBD, while virtually free of THC – the stuff that gets you “high”. Please check the product description on each Sensi CBD product for more details!

It is completely natural, containing no THC, making it legal to use in most countries!

Sensi Seeds CBD Oil

Sensi CBD oil has been designed with the user in mind. Sensi Seeds CBD oil is completely natural and contains no additives or other fillers. They also only use 100% organic, whole hemp plants for our extractions. Whether you want to buy CBD oil for pain, stress, or both – you can be sure that all Sensi CBD Oil products are safe and effective!

Sensi Seeds CBD oil is an excellent supplement for your everyday health. It helps against pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety – without causing you to feel tired or drowsy!

The hemp plants used to produce this product are grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. This makes Sensi CBD oil 100% organic and sustainable.

Who Are Sensi Seeds CBD?

Sensi Seeds CBD is the first international company to grow cannabis legally on an industrial scale. Since 1985, we’ve been breeding in their own greenhouse and developing new varieties to ensure that we have access to the finest quality cannabis genetics available.

Sensi CBD is a part of the Sensi Seed Bank, which is based in Amsterdam. They have been offering high-quality cannabis seeds and products for purchase. Now offering Sensi CBD products which are made by extracting the CBD from cannabis flowers rich with CBD.