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Love Hemp CBD UK

Love Hemp is a leading brand of CBD that promises to deliver quality CBD products to its users in order to maintain their health. Our company CBD world online delivers premium quality CBD products like capsules, sprays, skin care, CBD oil, and edibles, these all products are produced at the highest industry standards with 0% THC (Tetrahydro cannabidiol). There is a difference between CBD and THC (Tetrahydro cannabidiol). CBD is being used in various health issues like mental disorders, pain, and anxiety and it does not affect any brain-related problems else TCH tetrahydro cannabidiol does affect the brain related issues that is the reason doctors and medical specialists always recommend CBD to their patients because CBD has no side effects and it boosts the immune system. CBD is the pure organic form of Cannabidiol seeds produced under advanced processes and consumption methods.

love hemp cbd capsules uk

At No 1 CBD world online we provide premium and high-quality CBD oil including, sprays, edibles, and cosmetics to our customers. You can order our highest quality CBD which is THC free product processed by third-party labs followed by the medical protocols and highly recommended by qualified doctors.

Love Hemp Reviews

Love Hemp CBD is a premium UK CBD brand providing the highest quality cannabidiol infused products. They source oil and CBD extracts from producers all around the globe and create exceptional CBD products.

  1. They use 100% natural supplements that their dedicated team sourced carefully from handpicked & vetted producers. This brand was launched in London in 2015. Now they operate in the UK, Europe & USA.
  2. Their policy is very strict and they source producers that use ethical practices and have the highest quality ingredients. This ensures all lovehempuk CBD products are of the highest possible quality.
  3. We are proud to be official Love Hemp suppliers in the UK and to have the ability to offer the full range of all products like love hemp CBD capsules and others for you to buy online without any hassle.
  4. Their CBD Gummy Bears are a very tasty way to consume your daily dose of CBD.
  5. They come in 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 200mg & 500mg sizes. Although you can choose different sizes of pots remember there is 10mg of CBD per bear. All CBD Products are used as a food supplement.
  6. They taste amazing and the flavoured products are full of fruity flavor with the added CBD benefits. Since they taste amazing and there are numerous amount of benefits from CBD, you will want to eat a lot but it is recommended not to consume more than 10 bears in one day.

Love Hemp Water

Love Hemp Water is water infused with CBD extracted from hemp. It let's you rehydrate yourself but in a much more beneficial way. It's your water, your way. You can use it when working out and it will hydrate your body instantly.

You can take it with you when you are out and on the move. Love Hemp Water has also been featured in Times Magazine and Daily Mail. It's not something illegal or dangerous. If you are not drinking CBD water, you are missing out on a great way to receive the benefits of CBD. You are missing a lot of benefits. 500 mg bottle of hemp water contains 2mg of infused CBD with natural spring water.

Love Hemp CBD Oil in the UK

Love Hemp CBD Oil is one of the most demanded CBD Oils in the UK. They come in a couple of different forms and weights. They come in 30ml bottles with varied strengths of CBD oil. You can also choose from natural and peppermint flavors.

Please remember Love Hemp CBD Oil can not be used for smoking and vaporising purpose, it is a food supplement. You can use it two to three times a day. It is very easy to use it. You just keep 6 drops under your tongue. You can go up to 12 drops but it is recommended you do not use more than that. Let them stay under your tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow.

love hemp cbd oil

LoveHemp in the UK

Love Hemp is now available in the UK. You can purchase the all products of this brand online right here in the UK from CBD World Online. Love Hemp is a very highly regarded brand supplying CBD oil, water, and other CBD products in the UK and further afield. Also Take a look at our other top Brands like Endoca CBD, Orange County CBD & Many More... Back to Home Page

CBD World Online – A Reliable Place to Buy Gummy Bears in the UK

You need to be extremely careful of the quality and authenticity of CBD edible products that you buy and consume. To buy Love hemp gummy bears in the UK, make sure that you choose to place your order only from CBD World Online.

We are indeed the best retailers of their products, being one of the official online retailers in the UK. So, when you choose us to buy their gummy bears in the UK, you can be sure of

  •  The superior quality of the CBD gummies;
  •  Availability of a comprehensive range of hemp gummies from the brand to choose your favourite flavour.
  •  Getting the chance to read details and compare prices of Love Hemp gummy bears in the UK with other comparable brands online in one convenient place.
  •  Making a safe and secure purchase as we have committed to protecting the confidentiality of our customers as well as offering a customer-friendly Refund and Return policy with no questions asked.

Love Hemp CBD CAPSULES & CBD Oil – Two Best Sellers

Love Hemp is gaining fame and attracting customers globally due to its premium quality and organic
products. The most effective products of Love Hemp are proven to be,  CBD Oil and Love Hemp CBD capsule.

Capsules are dietary supplements. They come in environment-friendly, lightweight bottles with sturdy packaging and tight caps. Each bottle contains 60 capsules. But you can find capsules in three different strengths, Mild, Medium and Strong. 1200 mg bottle contains 20mg of CBD per capsule. Similarly,
600 mg contains 60 capsules of 10 mg CBD per capsule and Mild strength 300 mg bottle contains 5mg of
naturally sourced CBD per Capsule. As compared to Oil, capsules are easy to use and carry in a pocket or
bag. Capsules are tasteless and come in a smaller size, can easily be swollen with a sip of water.

Love Hemp CBD oil comes in 30ml green colored glass bottles. The oil bottle has a dropper within, which has
up to 2ml mark. Love hemp has CBD oral oil drops and Oil spray as well. Oil range has four categories
based on CBD strength, Mild, Medium, Strong, and Extra Strong. In oil range, Love Hemp offers four flavors
as well, Natural, Peppermint, Wild cherry, and Valencia Orange. CBD Oil drops and Oil sprays offer a
strength range from 300mg to 10,000 mg. The difference between Oil drops and Oil Spray is, Oral Oil drops
come with a dropper while spray bottles come with a convenient spray cap. If you are using oil drops, you
have to hold drops under your tongue for two minutes and then swallow and similarly, if you spray oil
under your tongue, you have to hold for two minutes before allowing it to go down your throat.

Ingredient used in Love Hemp CBD Oil

Love hemp CBD oil is made of natural containing natural flavors extracted from cannabidiol seeds. Preservatives, pesticides, and herbicides are not used in the process of hemp CBD oil. It is also vegan and gluten-free and grown organically. Extracted from natural flowers and leaves and added raw organic coconut oil and natural flavors which make you fresh and healthy.

Daily life health benefits of love hemp CBD oil

Hemp CBD oil is extracted from naturally grown seeds of Cannabidiol flowers or stem organically so it has lots of health benefits as mentioned below:

1: Improves heart performance

2: Boosts your immune system

3: Reduce Depression and anxiety

4: Skin benefits

Improves heart performance:

Research shows a large number of the population of the UK suffers from cholesterol due to the consumption of junk food. Due to this it increases the level of cholesterol in the body and may lead to heart problems like palpitation or cardiac arrest. Love Hemp CBD oil sought this problem out for people suffering from high cholesterol levels. It reduces the cholesterol level in the body along with other negative oil in your body and avoids cardiac arrest. Hemp oil also consists of omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids to increase your metabolism rate which helps to reduce your body fat.

Boosts your immune system:

Love hemp CBD oil is enriched in nutrition and consists of fatty acids that are vital in boosting your body's immune system. Having a strong immune system prevents your body from bacterial infection and other diseases.

Reduce Depression and anxiety:

Our daily life gets worst and more stressful due to high work pressure and hectic jobs. Now, it's becoming common for kids and adults who have to deal with everyday life problems. Most people use medicines to reduce their anxiety and stress which is addictive and becomes a part of their daily life. Hemp CBD oil is a far better medicine to reduce your depression and anxiety and it also helps to improve your focus.

Skin benefits:

Due to omega, fatty acids love hemp has many health-related benefits like improving your cardiac vascular rate, boosting your metabolism, and skin health. As per medical research, these fatty acids help to hydrate your body's skin. So, love hemp CBD oil hydrate your skin, reduce your acne and make it fresh and healthy. No need for artificial cosmetics just used CBD oil to improve your skin health.

Why choose Love Hemp?

Love Hemp was founded by two school buddies, Tony Calamita and Tom Rowland in 2015 when Tom’s father battled with cancer and he turned to CBD for seeking relief. After witnessing the effects, they founded this brand and since then it has only flourished and given a tough time to its competitors. Love hemp UK is considered the leading CBD seller brand and for a reason.

They offer premium quality products and follow strict ethical practices in producing CBD products. All products are Cannabidiol infused, but with 0% THC. Love hemp products are also completely vegan and gluten free. A plus point is, that they use organic ingredients only without any third party involvement. CBD World Online offers multiple CBD products manufactured by various companies yet, Love Hemp UK continues to be the best seller, the most in demand, and an affordable brand that we ship to more than 100 countries worldwide.


Q. What is CBD?

A. CBD also known as cannabidiol is a chemical compound, extracted from a plant commonly known as Hemp or Sativa, or Cannabis. CBD is used in different types of oral and skincare products. Not all products made by hemp are legalized, but CBD is approved in the US, Uk, and some other countries.

Q. Who is Love Hemp UK?

A. Love Hemp Uk is a multi award winning and recognized brand and website that produces CBD legalised products. Love hemp CBD products can be directly offered through their websites in the UK and some other countries.

Q. What is CBD World Online?

A. CBD world online is one of the biggest platforms that gives easy access to multiple CBD products and offers a wide range and information about brands that manufacture CBD products. We are registered in England and Wales. You can now search more than 1000 products, articles, and reviews written about all our products and brands.

Q. Does CBD World Online Ships Globally?

A. Yes, CBD world online takes orders from all over the world except in some countries where hemp-based products have import regulations.

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