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Showing all 11 results

CBD Oil Spray

We house CBD spray from over 10 different world-renowned brands. They are available in a wide variety of bottle sizes and CBD strength. Our various brands of Oral CBD Spray include CBD with CBDA and CBD With CBG. Using a CBD Oil Spray helps with more accurate dosing since each spray is a measured amount of CBD oil.

What Is a CBD Oral Spray?

A CBD Oral Spray is a CBD Oil with a Spray dispensing bottle. Just like CBD drops A spray is taken sublingually although rather than using a dropper to exert CBD drops under the tongue a spray will dispense a fine mist which can be less messy and can have higher bioavailability since it covers a larger surface area of the tongue. CBD Spray is also known as Oral CBD Spray, CBD Mouth Spray, and CBD Oil Spray

How To Use CBD Mouth Spray?

How to use CBD SprayHow to use CBD Spray

Using CBD Mouth Spray is a convenient alternative to CBD Drops and provides effortless allpication. Just give the bottle a thorough shake, remove the lid, aim the nozzle into your mouth directly under your tongue, and gently squeeze the nozzles downwards. A fine mist will then be dispensed under your tongue where you should allow the oil to absorb for around 30 seconds, swallowing any excess.

What does CBD Oil Spray Do?

CBD Oil Spray is believed to contain pain relieving properties, with the ability to reduce anxiety and inflammation, and is also known to help indues a more restful night’s sleep by interacting with neurotransmitters in your brain the spray is easy to take and absorbs quickly into the body.

CBD Spray UK

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