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Showing all 8 results

Access CBD UK Information

Introducing Access CBD, a distinguished CBD brand delivering top-notch CBD solutions to individuals throughout the United Kingdom. Our extensive selection of CBD offerings includes broad-spectrum CBD oil sprays, e-liquids, gummies, and an array of additional products.

AccessCBD is a proud subsidiary of British Cannabis, the UK's most prominent independent CBD producer, featuring its exclusive hemp cultivation and extraction facilities within the country. Rest assured, our entire product line is crafted to the most exacting standards, providing complete confidence in their quality and effectiveness.

Discover the excellence of Access CBD, your gateway to premium, UK-produced CBD products designed to support your well-being journey. Experience the exceptional benefits of our broad-spectrum CBD offerings, as we remain committed to delivering the finest solutions for your health and wellness needs.

Products On Offer

CBD Products

General Information about Access CBD products.

Access CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Discover Access CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, a distinct formulation of CBD oil that encompasses a variety of cannabinoids besides CBD, such as CBG (cannabigerol) and CBN (cannabinol). This unique blend is crafted through the extraction of CBD and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, followed by dilution with carrier oils like hemp seed oil or coconut oil.

It is thought that Access CBD's Broad Spectrum CBD Oil could offer a wider array of advantages in comparison to other CBD products. This is due to the potential synergy of the various cannabinoids working in tandem with CBD, resulting in a more comprehensive and harmonious effect.

Experience the richness of Access CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, as it delivers an all-encompassing solution for your health and wellness needs, harnessing the combined power of multiple cannabinoids to provide an unparalleled CBD experience.

The Broad Spectrum CBD oils AccessCBD produces are available here in three flavours.

  • 🍓Berry, - reminiscent of homemade Strawberry Jam.
  • 🍊Citrus, a refreshing tang of Orange, Lemon, and Lime.
  • 🌿Natural, a perfect mellow earthy CBD flavour.

Access CBD Oil is available in 4 strengths

CBD Content per 30ml:

  • 600mg (2.13%)
  • 1200mg (4.26%)
  • 2400mg (8.51%)
  • 4800mg (17.02%)

THC Content: Zero (<0.003%)

AccessCBD Oil Spray is packaged into a child-safe, spray bottle.

Bottle Size

  • 30ml


Access CBD, Vegan certified CBD oils are a unique blend of:

  • CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • Hemp Oils
  • MCT Oil
  • Natural Flavourings, made with real plant terpenes.

Directions for use

ACCESS CBD® CBD Oils are fitted with a no-nonsense spray nozzle, which means you can accurately dose! Spray your desired amount under your tongue, and hold for one to two minutes. Allow the CBD to be fully absorbed before swallowing.

  • One spray of 600mg CBD oil delivers 8.6mg of CBD
  • One spray of 1200mg CBD oil delivers 17.1mg of CBD
  • One spray of 2400mg CBD oil delivers 34.3mg of CBD
  • One spray of 4800mg CBD oil delivers 68.6mg of CBD

Store In A Cool Dark Place, Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight, and Keep Out Of Children's Reach.

Access CBD E-Liquid

We're excited to announce that our store now stocks Access CBD E-liquid, a unique and expertly crafted vape oil. Infused with naturally occurring terpenes and a wealth of cannabis phytochemicals, Access CBD's broad-spectrum, vegan-friendly e-liquid is brimming with hundreds of distinctive cannabis compounds.

CBD e-liquid, also referred to as CBD vape juice, is a specially formulated liquid intended for use in electronic cigarettes or other vapour-producing devices. It is crafted by extracting CBD from the cannabis plant and blending it with a base liquid, such as propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, to produce a vapourisable solution. Many individuals choose CBD e-liquid as their preferred method of consuming CBD, a chemical compound in the cannabis plant believed to offer potential health benefits when ingested.

One of the standout features of CBD e-liquid is its remarkable bioavailability, ensuring a greater percentage of CBD enters your bloodstream compared to other consumption methods like edibles. As a result, CBD e-liquid offers a rapid onset of effects, with users typically noticing the impact after just a few puffs. Experience the difference with Access CBD E-liquid, your new go-to for a fast-acting and highly effective CBD experience.

The Access CBD E-liquids are available in three tasty flavours.

  • 🍓Berry - A mix of all your favourite Summer Fruits.
  • 🍊Citrus - A refreshing tang of Orange, Lemon, and Lime.
  • 🌿Natural - The original blend of nutty earth-like notes.

Access CBD Vape oils are now available in two fast-acting strengths.

CBD Content per 50ml: 

  • 1200mg (2.5%)
  • 2400mg (4.8%)

Packaged in a childproof container, you can carry it with you and top up your vapouriser as and when required.


  • 50ml Bottle

squeeze e-liquid straight into your vaping device. For CBD content per 2ml, please see below.

ACCESS CBD E-Liquid 1200mg
CBD per 2ml of vape oil = 48mg (2.4%)

ACCESS CBD E-Liquid 2400mg
CBD per 2ml of vape oil = 96mg (4.8%)

  • PG: 60% / VG: 40%
  • Mono-Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerine
  • Cannabis sativa L. (CBD)
  • Natural Terpenes
  • Flavourings
  • Colourings.

Access CBD Vape Oil Storage

  • Consume within 12 months of purchase.
    Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Access CBD Gummies

Our new Access CBD Gummies are a great, tasty way to get your daily dose of CBD. Eaten like a regular sweet they can be consumed almost anywhere and in the most discreet manner.

Access CBD gummies are a type of edible that is infused with CBD (cannabidiol), a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. They are available in a variety of flavours and are a convenient and tasty way to consume CBD. Some people use CBD gummies to help with a variety of health issues, including anxiety and stress, chronic pain, inflammation, and sleep problems.

It is important to carefully read the product labels and descriptions to determine the strength and dosage of any CBD product you are considering, including CBD gummies. It is also important to note that the quality and purity of CBD products can vary, and it is always a good idea to purchase from reputable companies that have their products tested by a third party.

AccessCBD Gummy's Flavour

  • Zesty citrus flavoured,

vegan-friendly, gluten-free AccessCBD gummies, made in the UK from natural ingredients to the highest standard.

Access CBD Gummies Strength

  • CBD Content Per Pouch: 250mg (0.23%) 

    CBD Content Per Gummy: 25mg

    THC Content: Zero (<0.003%)

AccessCBD Gummy Sweets Quantity.

  • 10 Sweets Per Pouch

We recommend using 1-2 gum drops (25-50mg) 1-2 times daily.

  • Chew for 30-60 seconds
  • Hold the juices under your tongue for a further 30-60 seconds then swallow 

For maximum CBD bioavailability, suck on each sweet for as long as you can before chewing. 

  • One gummy delivers 25mg of CBD 

Access CBD Gummies Ingredients

  • Glucose Syrup
  • Sugar, Corn Starch
  • Water
  • Acids (Malic Acid, Citric Acid)
  • Acidity Regulator (E331)
  • Flavourings
  • Cannabis sativa L.
  • Natural Terpenes
  • Colours (E110, E102).

Contains genetically modified ingredients. Warning: E102, E110 may have adverse effects on activity and attention in children.

How To Store Access CBD Gummies

  • Consume within 12 months of purchase.
  • Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Keep Out Of Children's Reach

Access CBD FAQs

Access CBD

Access CBD is a high quality CBD brand based in the United Kingdom. Manufacturers of broad spectrum CBD oils, natural and flavoured, CBD Eliquid, and CBD Gummies.

Access CBD Oil

Access CBD is used to aid a more healthy lifestyle. Many people use Access CBD Oil to treat various ailments although this is not a medicine, it is known to aid in a more restful night's sleep, improving your mood and energy throughout the day. Many people also use Access CBD to help reduce the feeling of anxiety and pain.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It is one of the many active compounds in cannabis, and it is believed to have potential health benefits when consumed. Some people use CBD to help with a variety of health issues, including:

  • Anxiety and stress: Some research suggests that CBD may have anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) effects and may be helpful for reducing anxiety and stress.

  • Chronic pain: CBD may have analgesic (pain-relieving) properties and may be helpful for reducing chronic pain, such as pain from arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

  • Inflammation: CBD may have anti-inflammatory effects and may be helpful for reducing inflammation, such as that associated with inflammatory bowel disease or arthritis.

  • Sleep problems: Some people use CBD to help with sleep disorders, such as insomnia.

  • Epilepsy: CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing the frequency and severity of seizures in some people with epilepsy.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of CBD for these and other conditions has not been fully established through scientific research, and the safety and long-term effects of CBD are not yet fully understood. It is always best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new treatment or supplement.

Access CBD is A line of products produced by one of the UK's largest producers, British Cannabis. Based in woking, British Cannabis manufacturers some of the UK's best brands using hemp extracted CBD from their very own farms.

Access CBD is cheap compared to many other brands. Don't be fooled though as they make no compromises when producing their products, Access CBD is a market leader and their products are just as high quality as some more expensive brands.
<h3>But how are they so cheap?</h3>
Access CBD is produced by the UK's largest manufacturer, British Cannabis. As they have their very own farm, extraction, and processing facilities they can produce their products without having to buy pre-extracted CBD from the EU and USA. This enables them to cut costs whilst keeping up the high quality that Access CBD is known for.

Accesscbd Oil

Access CBD Oil is a UK based company that produces CBD oil products. Their products are available in a variety of forms, including flavored and natural broad spectrum sprays, e-liquids, and gummies.

Their CBD oil is made from high-quality, organic hemp that is grown in the UK. All of their products are third-party lab tested for potency and safety.

A British Cannabis owned company that is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality CBD products possible.

Accesscbd UK

Access CBD comes in its purest form as an oil, gel caps, and liquid drops. You may be able to find other CBD products on the market, but only quality CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp. This product is extracted from organic hemp within one FDA approved facility. We offer accesscbd, a natural extract of industrial hemp that contains high amounts of cannabidiol.

The CBD Oil you are purchasing is derived from industrial hemp, which contains a naturally occurring laxative, so it will not cause constipation. It can be used as a daily supplement for the prevention and treatment of epilepsy, osteoporosis, and more.

CBD oil is a great way to ease your conditions and get relief without the side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals. Available in a variety of dosage options and flavors, CBD oil is available in oral capsules, as well as topical creams and salves. CBD oil is a diverse range of products that help reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality and mood, develop new brain pathways and reduce pain.

Our high-quality CBD oil comes in many different flavors and strengths, so you can find the one that works best for your needs. Try to use less than a dropper full each day, as this number can increase with increased intake. This CBD oil from Positiva Labs is made from organically grown hemp, which is naturally rich in Cannabidiol (CBD) and contains zero THC. It is sourced from the highest quality organic hemp cultivars cultivated in Europe, with a wide variety of terpenes that promote relaxation and help reduce stress.

This hemp-derived CBD oil is made from high-quality hemp plants grown in Colorado and is available in three convenient sizes. Get access to CBD Oil in two formats, vapor and drop. Our CBD products are perfect for relaxation, stress, and pain management.

Access CBD Oil is an all-natural, raw, and unfiltered CBD oil derived from hemp seeds. The oil contains no THC and is a legal alternative to traditional cannabis-based medicines. Access CBD Oil is a complete source of premium hemp extract, containing all the naturally occurring Phyto cannabinoids that support homeostasis and promote health.

Access CBD oil is derived from high-quality agricultural hemp grown on both coasts of the United States and in Western Canada. We use a proprietary CO2 extraction process to ensure that our CBD products are full spectrum and contain no residual solvents — so you can go about your day without worrying about any unwanted side effects or calories!

CBD oil is extracted from hemp seeds. Unlike medical marijuana, it doesn't get you high. It has plenty of health benefits and comes in a variety of delicious flavours!

Access CBD Oil is a complete source of premium hemp extract, containing all the naturally occurring Phytocannabinoids that support homeostasis and promote health. Our CBD oil is derived from high-quality agricultural hemp grown on both coasts of the United States and in Western Canada. We use a proprietary CO2 extraction process to ensure that our CBD products are full spectrum and contain no residual solvents — so you can go about your day without worrying about any unwanted side effects or calories!

Why Buy Access CBD UK here at CBD World Online?

At CBD World Online we are an official Access CBD UK Online Retailer, with full authorisation from the brand. This guarantees you 100% genuine products shipped directly to your door and now to over 100+ countries worldwide.

When selecting our brands, we carefully test and review each product. Great products, great value. At CBD World Online we've been selling CBD oil for a long time now and we find this brand to be very effective. It's also low-cost, and can be used daily.

We provide the full range in one easy-to-use website, we guarantee all products are legal in the united kingdom. We also ensure all products are registered with the UK Food Standards Agency as UK regulations require.

All products on this website are lab-tested and certified to contain less than 0.2% THC and many like Access CBD are ZERO THC.

Access CBD UK Reviews

Peter Hennesy -

I tried this CBD Oil for the first time and I must say I am impressed by their product. I have tried other brands but their oil just doesn't compare. I love the variety of flavours and their usefulness.

Sheila Wainwright -

I've used many CBD oil products in the past but Access CBD oil is by far the best! I'm really impressed with their selection of flavours and the price. The quality of CBD oil is amazing. I use it to improve my sleep and pain relief. I highly recommend this product!