6 Reasons Why Mums Are Swapping Wine for CBD ?

6 Reasons Why Mums Are Swapping Wine for CBD ?

Motherhood is hard, and the amount of frustration and chaos that mothers feel after a full day of parenting often takes a toll on their health. Most mothers suffer from depression because of the endless responsibilities and household chores that women deal with. This problem is more persistent amongst the Stay-at-Home Mums.

To deal with the stress, women throughout the ages have been consuming wine as an external solution that provides relief and helps them in calming their spirits. Wine has been a preferred choice for many. Several women might even opt for stronger drinks such as Macallan. But, despite the benefits of these drinks, it is still not the first choice as the tide is now gradually shifting in favour of cannabis products. Many tired mums are currently exploring the benefits of cannabis products, where wine falls short. And one amongst the many products that have now become a worldwide sensation is CBD.

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive compound of the Cannabis Sativa Plant. In recent years it is widely accepted as a legal product that has multiple health and other benefits. Many mums are now swapping their wine with CBD to get the full body and mind relaxation.

Here are some reasons why Mums are swapping CBD for wine.

Side benefits over side effects

Drinking wine can provide relief and help you in the stress, but once consumed in higher amounts, it can lead to problems like dehydration, hangover, increased calorie, etc. But with CBD, this isn’t the case, as apart from the relieving effects, CBD also provides certain benefits like improved mood, better sleep, anxiety relief, and reduced inflammation.

Helps in combating depression and other anxiety disorders

Many people make the mistake of drinking alcohol while they are in a depression. This is potentially dangerous because alcohol has a sedative effect on the brain. Alcohol interacts with certain neurotransmitters and increases the feeling of depression and can also invoke thoughts of suicide.

CBD, on the other hand, has some anti-depressants and anxiolytic properties that help in treating specific anxiety disorders like Social anxiety disorders (SAD) Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders(PTSD) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders(OCD), and Generalised Anxiety Disorders.

Fight Post-Natal depression

Many mothers, after childbirth, suffer from a grievous mental issue called Post-Natal depression. This is a severe illness as it can cause insomnia, loss of appetite, and intense irritability in new mothers. Also, many of them with Post-natal depression have a complaint of difficulty bonding with their baby. Even babies of mothers suffering from Post-Natal depression experience delays in the development of their cognitive ability. CBD helps improve symptoms associated with clinical depression, including Post-Natal depression and some anxiety disorders.

Assist in better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most common problems that mothers face after having childbirth. Post-Delivery Insomnia leads to many sleepless nights and increases the risk of stress and anxiety. CBD anxiety calms the nervous system and allows mothers to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Does not pose addiction risk

One of the significant drawbacks of drinking alcohol is the addictiveness that it can cause. Social changes, along with the chemical underpinnings, cause alcohol addictiveness, which can take a heavy toll on the physical and mental strength. CBD is neither addictive nor does it produce any stoned effect like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This makes CBD one of the best products to use if you are looking to relax your mind having no potential side effects or addiction.

No potential long term effects

Alcohol, if taken in substantial quantities, can lead to many health issues like mental problems, heart problems, liver problems, and certain types of cancer. It also increases the risk of chronic liver inflammation and liver disease, which, in many cases, even leads to death.

CBD also reports some long-term effects like drowsiness and dry mouth, but this is less common and less dangerous than alcohol or wine consumption.



CBD has the edge over the wine, and many mothers, including the ones who are celebrities, entrepreneurs, or stay-at-home mothers, are making the switch.

CBD anti-aging benefits, and it’s potential to handle anxiety, sleeping disorders, and alcohol addictions, is motivating mothers around the world to adopt it as a better alternative to wine.

But, amidst the choices, society needs to find meaningful and successful ways to combat problems associated with parents and children. We need to provide essential support that will contribute to the health and well-being of the mothers.