Best Cannabis Strains to try in 2023

Best Cannabis Strains to try in 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide exploring the most iconic marijuana strains that have captured the hearts of enthusiasts and cultivators alike. In this ultimate guide, we delve into the characteristics that have made these strains legendary, from their production capabilities and unique flavours to their remarkable effects. Drawing from extensive cultivation experience and invaluable feedback from our clients, we present a thorough review of these timeless classics.

Blue Cookie Strain: A Rapidly Flowering Delight

Best Cannabis Strains to try in 2023

Fast Flowering with a Sweet Twist

The Blue Cookie Strain is celebrated for its swift flowering period and delectable sweet flavour. This predominantly Indica strain features an impressive THC concentration exceeding 20%, providing a potent experience for users. Not only is it ideal for those seeking a quick cultivation cycle, but its creamy, sweet taste also makes it a popular choice for cannabis-infused recipes. This strain is perfect for relaxation, and consuming edibles made with Blue Cookies can lead to a serene state of calm. Our analysis highlights the exceptional qualities of this delicious variety, making it a top pick for cultivators and consumers alike.

Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds: The Indica Benchmark

Best Cannabis Strains to try in 2023

Award-Winning and Reliably Potent

Northern Lights, developed by the Dutch-based Sensi Seeds, has set the gold standard for Indica strains. Known for its consistent performance and potent effects, this strain has become a cornerstone of cannabis culture, frequently winning awards at various harvest festivals. Its dominance in competitions even led to its withdrawal to give other strains a chance at the title. Northern Lights is remarkably easy to cultivate, with no need to differentiate between male and female plants. While it is predominantly grown indoors, it also thrives outdoors in warm, sunny, Mediterranean-like climates. This strain’s reliable potency and ease of cultivation make it a favorite among both novice and experienced growers.

Purple Animal Cookies Strain: A Flavourful Indica Hybrid

Best Cannabis Strains to try in 2024

Easy Cultivation with a Unique Taste

The Purple Animal Cookies Strain is an exceptional crossbreed, combining an unidentified Sativa clone with Girl Scout Cookies, resulting in an Indica-dominant strain renowned for its intense flavour. This variety showcases a classic Indica structure with a unique mix of stretched and compact growth. Its uniform stem growth ensures bushy production and brilliant flowers, rich in resin. The strain’s cultivation is straightforward, adaptable to various growing mediums, and highly resilient. With proper nutrition and optimal lighting conditions, Purple Animal Cookies delivers extraordinary results. Harvesting outdoors is typically ready by mid-September. While moderate use of this strain can invigorate and keep you alert, heavier consumption in the evening enhances its Indica effects, making it perfect for socialising and sharing laughter.


In summary, the Blue Cookie Strain, Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds, and Purple Animal Cookies Strain each offer unique advantages that make them standout choices for cultivators and consumers. Blue Cookie Strain impresses with its quick flowering and sweet flavour, Northern Lights remains a benchmark for potency and ease of growth, and Purple Animal Cookies combines easy cultivation with a rich, unique taste. Understanding the distinct qualities of these iconic strains will help you make informed decisions and enjoy the best that cannabis cultivation has to offer.

Happy growing and happy enjoying!