Bnatural 600mg Broad Spectrum CBD Peppermint Oral Drops – 10ml

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Bnatural 600mg Broad Spectrum CBD Peppermint Oral Drops - 10ml £15.99 or subscribe and save up to 15%
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Bnatural CBD

Discover the Elegance of Natural Wellness with Bnatural 600mg Broad Spectrum CBD Peppermint Oral Drops – 10ml

Elevate your daily routine with the exquisite blend of purity and effectiveness found in Bnatural Broad Spectrum 600mg CBD Peppermint Oral Drops. Tailored for discerning professionals who appreciate the subtle intricacies of high-caliber CBD products, this 10ml elixir is designed to seamlessly integrate into both your busy workdays and relaxing evenings.

Why Choose Bnatural Peppermint CBD Drops?

  • Premium Quality: Sourced from organically grown Cannabis Sativa L. in the USA, ensuring a product of the highest standard.
  • Refined Flavour: Infused with natural peppermint, offering a refreshing taste that complements the herbal essence of broad-spectrum CBD.
  • Convenience at Its Best: A compact 10ml bottle that fits effortlessly into your lifestyle, providing a consistent 30-day supply with a recommended intake of 20mg per day.
  • Lab Tested for Assurance: Rigorously tested in government-approved labs to guarantee safety, potency, and consistency.
  • Eco-Conscious and Ethical: Completely plant-based formula, aligning with your values of sustainability and animal welfare.

Key Product Features:

  • Made in the UK 🇬🇧
  • 600mg of Broad Spectrum CBD
  • 3mg Per Drop: Perfectly dosed for ease of use.
  • 6% CBD Strength: Ideal concentration for both beginners and regular users.
  • Zero THC (<0.2%): Enjoy without the psychoactive effects.

Simple Usage for Maximum Benefit

To achieve the best results, simply place 2-3 drops under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds before swallowing. Repeat this process twice daily, in the morning and evening, to integrate wellness into your routine seamlessly.

Ingredients Dedicated to Purity

  • Refined Hemp Seed Oil: A smooth, high-quality carrier oil that enhances CBD absorption.
  • Natural Broad Spectrum Cannabis Sativa L. Extract: Harnessing the plant’s full potential minus the THC.
  • Natural Cannabis Terpenes: Adds a layer of depth with natural flavours and aromas.

Storage and Safety Information

  • Keep Out of Reach of Children
  • Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Elevate your wellness game with Bnatural 600mg Broad Spectrum CBD Peppermint Oral Drops. Whether you’re looking to enhance your focus at work or unwind after a long day, this meticulously crafted formula is your gateway to balanced health and harmony. 🌱💧

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