Cannadips 150mg CBD Snus Pouches – Natural Mint

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Cannadips 150mg CBD Snus Pouches – Natural Mint
Cannadips 150mg CBD Snus Pouches - Natural Mint £19.99 or £19.99 Original price was: £19.99.£17.99Current price is: £17.99. / month

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Experience the Pinnacle of Convenience with Cannadips 150mg CBD Snus Pouches – Natural Mint

Introducing the revolutionary Cannadips 150mg CBD Snus Pouches in Natural Mint, a premier choice for those seeking a smokeless, discreet, and highly effective way to enjoy CBD. Inspired by the Swedish tradition of snus, these pouches are crafted to provide a swift, satisfying release of CBD without the need for inhalation.

Why Cannadips CBD Pouches Stand Out?

  • Broad-Spectrum & THC-Free: Enjoy the full benefits of CBD with none of the THC.
  • Water-Soluble & Fast-Acting: Designed for quick absorption and convenience.
  • High Bioavailability (80%-90%): Maximises the amount of CBD your body can use.
  • Pre-Dosed Convenience: Each pouch delivers a consistent 10mg dose of CBD.
  • Smokeless and Discreet: Use them anytime, anywhere without drawing attention.
  • Delicious Natural Mint Flavour: A perfect blend of freshness to delight your taste buds.

Cannadips CBD Pouches are not only a beacon of innovation but also a testament to sustainability, using all-natural, tobacco-free ingredients.

Product Specifications:

  • 150mg of Water-Dispersible CBD Per Tin
  • 10mg CBD Per Pouch
  • 15 Pouches Per Tin
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: 5 tins per box (sold in multiples of 5 for a full box)

Simple Usage Guide:

  1. Select a pouch from the tin.
  2. Place it between your inner lip and gums. Let the saliva naturally dissolve the CBD.
  3. Enjoy the slow release over 35-40 minutes, with the flavour lingering even longer.

Ingredients for Peace of Mind:

Organic Palm Oil, Erythritol, Coconut Fibre, Vegetable Glycerol, Hemp CBD Flakes (Acacia Gum, Hemp Concentrates, Maltodextrin), Natural Flavouring, Steviol Glycosides, Salt, Xanthan Gum. Note: THC level <0.2%.

Cannadips CBD Pouches are perfect for professionals who value health without compromising on their lifestyle. Whether at work, socialising, or on the move, these pouches provide a sophisticated, mess-free experience. Embrace the future of CBD consumption with Cannadips, where style meets substance.

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