Canndid 100mg CBD Infused Decaf Coffee – 100g

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Canndid 100mg CBD Infused Decaf Coffee - 100g £14.99 or subscribe and save up to 15%
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Experience the Unique Blend: Canndid 100mg CBD Infused Decaf Coffee – 100g

Discover the Soothing Harmony of CBD and Coffee

Dive into the sophisticated world of Canndid 100mg CBD Infused Decaf Coffee, where every sip offers a serene escape. Perfect for professionals who appreciate finesse in their cup, this 100g pack of decaffeinated coffee blends the rich, bold flavours of premium beans with the calming properties of CBD. Embrace a coffee experience that’s both invigorating and relaxing, without the caffeine buzz.

Why Choose Canndid CBD Decaf Coffee?

  • Caffeine-Free Comfort: Enjoy your favourite beverage any time of the day without worrying about sleep disruption. Ideal for late evenings or that mid-afternoon break.
  • Premium CBD Infusion: Each serving is infused with a precise 100mg of high-quality CBD, ensuring a consistent dose with every cup.
  • Rich Aroma and Taste: Sourced from the finest coffee beans, it offers a deep, robust flavour, complemented by the subtle earthy notes of CBD.
  • Easy to Brew: Whether you prefer a French press, a drip coffee maker, or a percolator, this ground coffee brews perfectly every time.
  • Health-Conscious Choice: With zero THC and no psychoactive effects, it’s purely about enjoying the natural benefits of CBD in a delicious form.

How to Enjoy Your Canndid CBD Coffee

  1. Measure & Brew: Use approximately 2 teaspoons per cup and brew according to your coffee machine instructions.
  2. Sit Back & Relax: Allow yourself a moment to enjoy the rich aroma before taking your first sip.
  3. Customise: Add milk, sugar, or a cinnamon stick for a personalised coffee experience.

Perfect for Every Coffee Lover

Whether you’re a busy professional needing a moment of calm, or you simply enjoy the taste of good quality decaf coffee, Canndid’s CBD Infused Coffee is your perfect companion. It’s also an excellent gift idea for anyone who loves coffee but is sensitive to caffeine.

Elevate your coffee routine with Canndid 100mg CBD Infused Decaf Coffee – 100g and turn every coffee break into a tranquil, indulgent escape. 🍂☕

Order now and experience the ultimate blend of relaxation and flavour!

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