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CBD Trends In 2023 You Need To Watch Out For

2022 has been a year of revival for many brands and companies belonging to the cannabis industry. As we know, the pandemic leveled several budding projects and entrepreneurial ventures, leading to losses in every sector, but especially in a growing industry like CBD. It has, hence, become necessary to keep an eye on trends in advance. However, 2023 seems like a brighter year, and here are a few trends that we found most interesting!

  1. Cannabis enters the entertainment industry: One of the highlights in 2023 to watch out for cannabis market growth would be the media industry. Since the subject of CBD and marijuana consumption is receiving more and more curiosity by the day, the entertainment industry is seeking opportunities to introduce shows that can cover all the information with a viewership twist. With talk shows and hiring moguls entertaining cannabinoid products as business pitches on media, it’s not far-fetched to consider how they would integrate more entertainment with cannabinoid creators and brands.
  2. Product innovation for growth: Not only do the consumers know their strains and products but are also demanding more innovation from brands. Gone are the days when supplying buds and oils was enough. Today, marijuana and cannabis have entered several avenues of consumption that have very versatile roots. For instance, innovating edibles to not just be sweet treats but also full-fledged dishes can cater to a different segment of the audience. Turning to more nuanced ways of introducing CBD additions is the theme of 2023.
  3. Improved customer service: A widely known fact about the cannabis industry is how things had to be kept tongue-in-cheek for years before its legalisation. The undertone of secrecy may still linger due to old habits, however, will come to a close soon. No longer do customers have to be discreet in their purchases- the cannabis industries have established dispensaries and shops like to provide a sophisticated online shopping experience. Not only is UI/UX being prioritised as a bid to improve customer care, but delivery timelines, packaging, and marketing all are about to experience metamorphosis.
  4. CBD will promote holistic health: As we have observed in the last three years, cannabis has taken the forefront space of holistic healing. However, in the upcoming year, it is about to become the star that promotes holistic health instead of the inverse. Using the channels to provide information that urges users to consider using CBD for a better life is one of the new trends to watch out for. Since there is ample research in the market that proves its efficacy, CBD can provide more validity to the industry.
  5. Awareness campaigns: Taking a page from the oversight made by the alcohol industry, the CBD market will strive to do better. Investing a large chunk of capital in awareness campaigns, the leaders of such businesses will show up with more information to promote judicious consumption and responsible dosage.

Wrapping Up:

Trends in the CBD market display an overall optimistic approach to boost the brand image of the products and brands involved. Since we can anticipate more such exciting turnarounds in the world of holistic health and cannabinoids, 2023 is a year of growth. Stay tuned for more informative blogs!