Do You Know About the Best Weed Delivery Services in Canada?

Do You Know About the Best Weed Delivery Services in Canada?

Technological advancements have made human life comfortable. Earlier, you had to visit shops to purchase weed products. Now, your mobile phone has become a shopping mall. You can order food, purchase clothes, and also Cannabis.


There are several online dispensary services in almost every region of the United States. However, consumption of Cannabis has increased in Canada after the country legalized recreational marijuana. Now you have a wide range of dispensaries that give delivery services.


Through this article, you will know about some of the best delivery services in Canada.

Best Cannabis Delivery Services in Canada

Here is a list of some best Cannabis delivery services you can avail of if you are in Canada.


The Grow House

If you are looking for an online dispensary that could deliver high-quality weed at your doorstep, the Grow House is a perfect choice for you. Here are some things to know about this delivery system:


  • The grow house is West Coast’s one of the best online dispensaries. They source Cannabis for their products from labs and the best Grow houses located in BC, Canada.


  • Like most other online dispensaries in Canada, you have to sign up for a new in-store account before making your first purchase from the Grow House. However, the method is quick. Once you get registered, you can make your first purchase in seconds after signing up. You can also get a subscription if you want.


  • The company is known for its exclusive collection of concentrates and flowers, made of powerful Indica-Sativa Hybrids. Besides low or high THC flowers, the delivery service also offers cookies and concentrates.


  • The parcels are packed in vacuum-sealed packages to ensure that the products look fresh and do not get damaged during transportation. You can smell and taste their high-quality products.


  • If you want updates on prices, offers, discounts, and pots, among others, you can also take a monthly subscription.


  • The prices are reasonable. However, you get limited options compared to other online dispensaries. Before making a purchase, look for a coupon code that can increase the discount amount.


West Coast Cannabis

West Coast Cannabis is a well-known online Canadian dispensary. Here are some things to know about this dispensary:


  • Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, this dispensary service provides a variety of strains for almost every medical disease. Also, they claim to offer minimum-priced products.


  • The West Coast Cannabis dispensary is known for its high customer service and a great choice of products. They offer secure and safe shipping of each order in all allowed regions of Canada. The best part is if you purchase more than $150, you get free shipping from the company.


  • For some exciting weed deals and coupons code, you can check the homepage of their official site. Their site is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and reliable. You can easily find the product of your choice.


  • After the registration process, you get access to a wide range of high-quality Indica-Sativa Hybrid strains. Every consumer opting for a delivery service wants a secure, discreet, and safe delivery at their doorstep. It is the main objective of West Coast Online Dispensary.


  • Also, the company has a team to test and approve marijuana before sending it to the consumers. It ensures high-quality Cannabis to satisfy consumer needs.


Haute Health

Haute Health belongs to a group of Cannabis enthusiasts who possess good experience in the Cannabis industry of Canada. Here are some things to know about this dispensary.


  • This dispensary is primarily from Vancouver, BC. The company enjoys a good reputation for one of the best quality BC-based weed products and prices. The site is full of the latest technologies, designed to provide speed and security to the users.


  • If you are not interested in using products that contain THC, you can look for their wide range of CBD vape pens, edibles, and CBD oil. They have various concentrations available on their site.


  • They have experienced professionals for operating the site and offer a committed consumer service. The official site is secure and safe with 256-bit encryption and SSL certification. If security is something that worries you the most, you can go for this delivery service.


  • The brand keeps customer satisfaction as its priority. It receives a positive review from its consumers.

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Herb Approach

Located in British Columbia, Herb Approach has over 30 years of experience in the Cannabis business. Here are some things to know about this dispensary. With an experience of almost 3 decades in the operation of the Cannabis business, the company provides one of the best quality BC Cannabis stocks. Currently, they are among the most reliable MOM dispensaries.


Every product they offer comes from some top Cannabis brands of BC. They offer high-quality buds. You can easily avail them in large portions of total ounces and half ounces on sale. Before making a purchase, look for the available coupon codes. They save a lot of money on recurring orders. It ensures that customers get a good deal at a low price.


A unique feature of Herb Approach is an exciting vendor page on their site. It makes your hunt for a suitable brand entertaining. All the marijuana brands they support and their portfolio are available on this page. All their buds and products are high-quality and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The mission of this company is to provide the people of Canada with top quality Cannabis from notable Cannabis companies and producers of British Columbia.


They also provide sales at festivals. Sometimes you might see flash sales too. Availing sales with discount coupons can make your Cannabis delivery economical.


Speed Greens

Managed by a group of experts, Speed Greens offer accessible online delivery services. Here are some things to know about this platform.


The site offers reasonably priced Cannabis. Also, the site has unmatched customer care. You can also look for discount coupons and deals on the site.


The official site is designed in a way that makes things simplified for the users. Their page format makes it comfortable for people to navigate through the site. Also, their search facility within the site is top-notch. You can readily find the product you are looking for on the site.


So, these are some top-rated cannabis delivery services in Canada.



An ideal delivery service ensures the best products, customer satisfaction, and reasonable prices. The services in the above list fulfill these criteria. You can check each one and choose the one that works best for you.