Equilibrium CBD 48mg Full Spectrum Japanese Sencha Tea Bags Box of 12 (BUY 2 GET 1 FREE)

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Equilibrium CBD 48mg Full Spectrum Japanese Sencha Tea Bags Box of 12 (BUY 2 GET 1 FREE) £9.99 or subscribe and save up to 15%
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Elevate Your Day with Equilibrium CBD Infused Japanese Sencha Tea

Unlock the secret to a revitalized morning and a relaxed evening with our Equilibrium CBD 48mg Full Spectrum Japanese Sencha Tea Bags. Now available in an enticing Buy 2, Get 1 FREE offer, these tea bags are not just a beverage but a lifestyle enhancement, tailored specifically for professionals who appreciate the finer nuances of a health-infused tea ritual.

Why Choose Equilibrium CBD Infused Sencha Tea?

  • Full Spectrum CBD: Each tea bag delivers 4mg of full-spectrum CBD, aiding in relaxation and overall well-being without psychoactive effects.
  • Authentic Japanese Sencha: Sourced directly from Japan, known for its robust flavor and rich antioxidant properties.
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging: Our tea bags are designed to be fully biodegradable, promoting a healthier planet.
  • Tested for Purity and Potency: Every batch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure top quality and safety standards, guaranteeing premium experience in every sip.

Key Product Features:

  • Contents: Each box contains 12 individually wrapped, pyramid-shaped tea bags, totaling 48mg of CBD.
  • THC Content: Contains less than 0.2% THC, adhering to UK legal standards, ensuring safety and compliance.

Ideal for:

  • Professionals looking to maintain focus and alleviate stress during demanding days.
  • Tea aficionados who wish to elevate their tea-drinking experience with the benefits of CBD.
  • Wellness enthusiasts eager to integrate a naturally soothing element into their daily regime.

Experience the delicate balance of earthy sweetness and distinctive umami of Japanese Sencha, enhanced with the calming properties of CBD. Perfect for starting your day with energy or unwinding after a long day’s work, our tea offers a peaceful retreat in every cup.

How to Enjoy This Premium Tea:

  1. Place one tea bag in a cup of freshly boiled water.
  2. Steep for 3-5 minutes to allow the flavours and CBD to fully infuse.
  3. Enjoy plain or sweeten as desired and immerse yourself in the moment.

Limited Time Offer:

Embrace more wellness and flavor! Buy two boxes and receive a third box free. More tea, enhanced benefits, and superior value.

Step into a balanced lifestyle with Equilibrium CBD Sencha Tea — your daily dose of tranquility and sophistication. Order now and transform your tea moments into a ritual of relaxation and vitality.

By targeting unique keywords such as “CBD Sencha tea benefits,” “premium CBD green tea UK,” and “sustainable Japanese tea bags,” this description aims to attract discerning customers who value quality, wellness, and environmental responsibility in their tea choices.

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