How CBD Helps With Muscle Building

How CBD Helps With Muscle Building

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Building muscle strength depends on the amount of effort you put into the process. All fitness enthusiasts work hard to create muscle strength and hypertrophy. To advance training and gain more muscle mass, they use every possible method, whether it’s more effective dieting or exercise.

CBD is making a buzz in the fitness industry nowadays. With plenty of people testifying to the benefits of supporting their fitness journey, there is quite a talk about it. For any fitness enthusiast who wants to learn more about CBD, here are the top reasons why CBD may support more strength and more significant muscle.

1. Balancing Hormones

One of the significant reasons to inculcate CBD in your fitness routine is its ability to bring substantial change into your regime. Whether it is due to long toiling hours of cardio or heavy-weight training, the body undergoes acute physical stress after a workout session.

This triggers cortisol production in the body. The stress hormone, cortisol, brings an unfavourable impact on workouts, as it breaks down muscles and prevents protein synthesis. Any amount of cortisol in your system may negate the result of exercising. Gladly, CBD can control the production of cortisol and help muscle growth and repair.

CBD has an affinity towards the CB receptor in our endocannabinoid system. Therefore, it can bind with those receptors to alter the brain’s chemical activity and enhance mood. CBD’s chemical structure is similar to anandamide, a neurochemical that reverses the effect of stress hormones. Therefore, CBD can effectively add a feel-good factor and keep you motivated throughout the workout.

How CBD Helps With Muscle Building

2. Enhance Performance

Unlike supplements like Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARM) rad 140 Canada that may directly help increase your muscle mass, CBD may not bring a direct change in your physique. However, it plays a big role in improving your performance and enables you to gain muscle mass slowly but naturally. You will notice a better mind-muscle during various exercises. It is primarily due to the anti-anxiety properties of CBD that you can coordinate movements better.

After combining with the CB receptors, CBD increases the production of GABA in the brain. GABA amino acids help bring relaxation to the mind. Hence you can focus better on the activity. CBD is ideal for a pre-workout as it can take away the stress and anxiety that may occur due to everyday life. Building muscle ideally depends on the quality of work you put into the execution of the exercises. CBD improves energy levels and lets you focus solely on the session.

3. Better recovery

Muscle stimulation and recovery are two main strong pillars on which muscle growth relies. Every time you perform an exercise, you create microdamage in the muscle fibers. With appropriate nutrition and rest, the damaged muscles grow back stronger and fuller, and without proper recovery, you may experience stunted growth or even damage to the muscles.

For the same reasons, all top athletes take extreme care in providing ample recovery time to their muscles. Though primary recovery occurs during sleep hours, sometimes overexertion or low sugar levels can hinder your sleep. Studies suggest CBD is effective in relieving sleeplessness. It promotes deep sleep by regulating dreaming. Hence, you can wake up refreshed and energized for the next day’s schedule.

4. Manage Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural mechanism to fight damage. Since exercising is all about muscle damage and recovery, inflammation is natural to your body. Inflammation and soreness are part and parcel of an intense workout regimen. However, too much inflammation can adversely affect the body, often exposing you to threats like chronic pain, muscle spasm, blood pressure, and heart diseases. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that also helps manage pain. Many fitness lovers who rely on painkillers to manage muscle pain and rigidity can switch to CBD as a safer alternative.

5. Role in Nutrition

CBD shows several anti-bacterial and immunity-boosting properties. However, its benefits in supporting digestive health make it an even more popular supplement. First, it helps alleviate the feeling of nausea commonly experienced after a challenging session.

Users can use CBD in their post-workout meal to eat better for the immediate replenishment of the muscles. Secondly, due to its amazing inflammatory properties, CBD can reduce stomach inflammation. Often a protein-rich diet is heavy on our gut and may negatively affect bowel movements. CBD reduces digestive tract bloating for better digestion. Better gut health means better absorption of nutrients.

The Bottom Line

So, CBD can support many body functions and activities that contribute directly to muscle growth and building. You can strategically use CBD in your pre- or post-workout meals to meet your particular needs. You may want to start with the minimum dosage and increase it as you build tolerance.