How to Buy Weed (cannabis) Online?

How to Buy Weed (cannabis) Online?


Have you ever been advised not to order cannabis online? You would not be able to smell it, see it, or touch it before the purchase. Therefore, it would be difficult to determine whether weed is of poor or high quality.

That’s true, it’s pretty hard to buy cannabis online. However, it would only be a hassle for the first time. You would eventually learn and begin finding it easier than purchasing it in person. Cannabis can not be smelled or touched online but still, there is a way to judge it. If you are planning to buy weed(cannabis) online for the first time, here’s a brief guide;

Research, research, and research

To buy cannabis online, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the weed. Moreover, you are supposed to know the reliable dispensaries in your area as well or you can search like I do surrey weed delivery. Therefore research and gather as much information as you can.

Shortlist the few reliable options

Purchasing cannabis online is a bit different from other online shopping. You can purchase it from any website, but only from reliable dispensaries. Therefore, you have to shortlist the few best options. While shortlisting the options, make sure the dispensaries are showcasing the cannabis with working links and decent pictures. Furthermore, the product description on these websites should also be information rich.

Pay attention to the payment method

When shopping for weed only, cannabis should not be receiving all your attention. You need to make sure the dispensary is accepting only secure methods of payment; PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, etc.

Judge the cannabis


Once you are satisfied with the payment method, you can go ahead and judge the cannabis being offered online. Go through the product description to figure out if this is what you want. Look for the excise stamp to ensure that you have got your hands on the right product. If the product description is satisfactory and the cannabis has got an excise stamp, this is one reliable option. You can place an order.

Add to cart

If you are purchasing cannabis online for the first time, try not to purchase it in bulk. Add a small quantity to the cart to move ahead with the plan.

Enter details

The website would begin demanding information like your name, email address, address, contact number, etc. Enter all the required details correctly, and double-check before moving on to the payment option.

Make a payment or choose to pay cash on delivery

Almost all well-trusted websites serve you a bunch of payment options. Therefore, at this point, you have to pick a suitable payment option. If you find making payments via debit/credit card more feasible, go for it. Otherwise, you can choose to pay cash on delivery.

Hit the “place an order” button and be patient

As soon as you enter the payment details, scroll down to the “place an order” button. Hit the place an order button to confirm your order. Your job is done, the online dispensary would pack and ship the order. It would take 3 to 5 working days for the weed to be delivered to your doorstep so be patient.