How To Choose SEO Services For Cannabis Companies

While the mere mention of cannabis raised eyes a few decades ago, it has now managed to become a household name. Many countries are legalizing the herb, while people are incorporating it into their daily lives because of its benefits. With it, there are plenty of people entering the industry to tap into the potential. It becomes essential to stay ahead of the competition to survive in the cannabis industry, and SEO is an effective method to market a brand digitally. Given the strict policies surrounding the advertisement of cannabis, you might need an expert to guide you navigate your way through them.

Are you searching for the best SEO services for your cannabis company? Do you wonder about how to choose it? Here is all you must know while choosing SEO services for a cannabis brand.

How To Choose SEO Services For Cannabis Companies


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How to choose a suitable SEO agency?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency can help you succeed in your marketing efforts and bring traffic and leads. It becomes imperative to find an SEO service provider that can help you reach your marketing goals. Here are things to keep in mind when choosing a service for your company:

1. Market research:

When looking for an SEO service, the first you must consider is whether the company has adequate knowledge of your industry or not. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the market and the audience. If the SEO experts have extensive knowledge of the industry, they can analyze the target audience and devise the strategy accordingly.

While each industry is different and requires research, the experts have to conduct everything with due diligence in the case of cannabis. There are plenty of rules and regulations, along with varying customers. Hence, the SEO expert must also specialize in the basics of the cannabis market.

How To Choose SEO Services For Cannabis Companies


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2. Go through their SEO rankings:

If you want to ascertain whether the SEO service can help you improve your ranking, it is wise to check their rankings. The agency must be well aware of the tactics to improve the ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It is safe to assume here that they will use the same to improve their ranking on Google. They can use anything from keywords to pillar pages to appear on the first page of the results. If you are wondering what are pillar pages, let’s find out. They are long blog posts that cover a specific topic through every aspect on one page.

In case the SEO company itself isn’t able to rank high, how can they help you achieve that goal? It is wise to go for an SEO service that appears on the first page of search results.

3. Check past performance:

Another important parameter by which you can judge the results of an SEO agency is by going through past clients experiences. You can ask for the testimonials of previous clients, especially of the same industry, to get first-hand reviews. Besides that, you can check reviews that their clients have given online on various reputable platforms. You can look for reviews on Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google, Facebook, and even on Quora.

4. The tools they use:

There is an abundance of SEO tools available today for marketers. But, your marketing campaign’s success depends majorly on the tools that your agency is going to use. Before you get an SEO service on board, you must inquire about the tools that they use, whether they are paid versions or not, and how they use them.

The tools that you can ask for are:

– Google Keyword Planner

– Google Analytics

– Google Search Control

– SEMrush

– Ubersuggest

– SEO Moz

– AHrefs

How To Choose SEO Services For Cannabis Companies


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5. Ask about key performance indicators:

Once you know the tools that the SEO agency is using for your cannabis business, you must also know the indicators that will help you check the performance. Since SEO is a performance-based strategy, the experts can easily ascertain the strategy’s effectiveness through the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

While the KPIs differ from strategy to strategy, a few essential indicators can be:

– Total Number Of Conversions

– Engagement

– Total Clicks

– Total Reach

– Total Views

– Average Time Spent On A Landing Page

6. Compare prices:

The last thing you must consider when choosing an SEO agency is the amount they are charging for their services. You must define your budget and look for an agency that fits well within it. Ask the price that the SEO service is charging, compare them with the competitors, and find the industry standard. You can then choose the option that is most affordable for you.

How To Choose SEO Services For Cannabis Companies


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Final thoughts

SEO is the most effective way to optimize your website, bring in more traffic, and generate leads for your cannabis company. To successfully implement an SEO strategy, you need an expert to help you guide through the nitty-gritty and achieve your digital marketing goals. Use the points given above and choose the best SEO services for your cannabis brand.